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themonkey39 06-01-2007 13:08

Data Recovery
I recently had to re-format my hard disk after a virus infection in which the computer would not start up. Now I have it back up and running, but there were files on which I would have preferred to keep (Especially my FM07 data file as Doncaster Rovers :D).

I was wondering if anyone knew how to recover some of these or any software that they have found to be reliable?

Thanks in advance

Joe Forster/STA 06-01-2007 16:04

Ontrack EasyRecovery Pro once saved almost all of the 100 Gigabytes of data from a physically damaged hard disk of a friend of mine...

Neipas02 06-01-2007 16:34

I don't know Joe.. He said he reformatted.. I've been able to recover stuff froma damaged drive using Knoppix.. But a reformatted drive might take some serious muscle to dig for semi erased data.. it also depends on if he did a quick reformat or a deep reformat..

I've learned a good rule of thumb is to dig for data before you're forced to reformat or toss the drive.. Knoppix is a nice variation of linux and it runs at boot time all from a CD.. It's own little operating system without the need for hard drives at all.. it can however mount a hard drive and look at it from a 3rd person point of view.. you can recover data without risk of infecting another drive.. very useful tool. That and it's open source.

Joe Forster/STA 06-01-2007 18:12

Well, it was just an answer, neither do I have any idea what the original poster did to his hard disk... (In my opinion, reformatting the hard disk all the time - virus infection, slowed down system etc. etc. - is a very bad idea, for many reasons, including this kind of loss of data; constant maintenance is preferred instead!)

zlatan24 05-04-2007 08:30

I know good program zip fix. Excel Recovery Toolbox can recover corrupted zip files(archives) from CD, DVD, and other similar.

infosyi 09-04-2007 04:32

To recover the lost data from formated hard drive and viruses you can try Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS data recovery software. A good utility which recovers the data from both FAT & NTFS file system.
Download the demo from:
Demo shows the recovered data if you are satisfied with the result get the full version to save the data.

uspatentideas 21-09-2007 09:51

you can install the hard disk to another computer as second hard disk, and back up the data.

TippeX 21-09-2007 14:37

GetDataBack - gr8 piece of software, hasn't failed me yet... recovers from formatted drives, scratched disks, etc... think theres a demo too...
one important thing tho, do not write to the disk you formatted, or make new partitions etc, it'll lower the chances of data recovery

Grumpy 21-09-2007 23:30

Yes I too have used GetDataBack to recover 'all' data from a friends dead drive. I have also had great results using R-Studio 2 to retrieve 'all' data from an accidentally formatted drive. ;)

aiyana 04-10-2007 03:17

Reformatting a drive does not erase the data on the disk, only the address tables. I know of a recovery program called Disk Doctors NTFS Data Recovery Software, it will help you recover accidentally formatted hard drives, deleted partition recovery and lost partition recovery. I had a very good experience recovering my deleted files from this software, hope this works for you as well.

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