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cpma 02-02-2008 02:50

Tiger woods PGA Tour 2007 EU
I am looking for a savegame . Can you help me please send me a email to [email protected]

calmman 12-03-2008 22:34

I have a little quastion: what is better to play: ps3 or xbox360?

I didn't know where should I ask about it.

Warlock 25-03-2008 17:10

PS3 :). Its a PS3 forum, What did you expect? :D

Really it depends on the individual. Xbox has more games. PS3 plays dvd's, Blu-ray movies, games and you can surf the web. I have both. IMO the PS3 offers a little more for the money.

Softix 11-05-2008 02:26

i personal agreed with warlock ps3 is the way for games now adays

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