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k9182000 14-06-2006 11:00

Soldier Elite
I would like the NO CD Fix for Soldier Elite.
I know there is one on GCW and MG, but they don't work? The .exe file is the same size as the Original. It still asks for the cd? :confused:

I think the protection is check-cd (that is what gamecopyworld says)


Neo :D

MelVic 14-06-2006 12:39

Get the one for Aurora Watching, it the same game

k9182000 14-06-2006 13:24

Ok I'll try that.

Weird this game has 3 names? :confused:

k9182000 14-06-2006 20:19

Thanx one of the ones from GCW worked.

RincewindTheWiz 15-06-2006 12:46


Originally Posted by k9182000
Weird this game has 3 names? :confused:

That's how marketers usually try to justify their bloated salaries & stock options :D

keiko 01-07-2006 06:22

Can somboddy tell me how long in the game you are.. i have som problem. i dont know what i can do... I am to the end of the game

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