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H410M45T3R 19-07-2011 19:01

Halo Combat Evolved trainers

So I've been trying desperately to find a mod that actually works in Halo: Combat Evolved, and no matter what or where I download from, they don't work.

I've tried all the recently uploaded trainers on, I've tried Dev Trainer from another site, and Cheat Engine too. None of them work.

How can I get them to work? If anyone knows.


JMC17 25-07-2011 10:49

Your topic titles says trainer and yet you talk of Mods, which one do you need?
And I hope you're not trying them online.

Also make sure you have the version of the trainer, don't use an old trainer for a newly patched game.

H410M45T3R 29-07-2011 11:50

Wtf is the difference? I want some sort of hack/mod/trainer/cheat/glitch/mod/tool/fix whatever the hell word you use that gives me the upper hand and actually works. Anything that works in Campaign, anything that works in Multiplayer. I believe my Halo version is 1.09, I downloaded a trainer from here called 'tcshalo' made by which also says 1.09 on it. I tried using it in Halo's campaign, multiplayer including games I hosted, Halo Custom Edition multiplayer... didn't work at all on either of them.

I don't have intentions of cheating in multiplayer, but it would be nice to play through legendary campaign. I also know of people who do manage to use trainers etc. in multiplayer servers that they aren't hosting... I've visited clan sites where they have xFire videos of people using them as proof, and therefore banning them. I want to know how these people do it, no ones willing to tell me and I don't know why it's so confidential.

JMC17 29-07-2011 15:43

1 Attachment(s)

Having a retail version or a cracked version may influence the workability of your trainers.

Well, I'll make a trainer anyway but the trainer i've tried on GameCopyWorld seems to work just fine for me.
To see your Halo version, right click on Halo.exe and left click properties then go to Details tab.
The version i'm working on is

[EDIT] Done, see attachments. Nothing fancy, I will not upload it on GCW since there is better available.

[EDIT2] Multiplayer hacking seems so confidential because few people are able to do it.
Unless you're a good programmer, multiplayer hacking is just fishing.
You fish for weaknesses and failures, unlike memory hacking, you're only gonna get what they didnt protect.

To answer a bit more your question about multiplayer hacking, most games are protected by retaining the memory on their own server, allowing them to verify the memory coming from your side. So any hacking would raise a red flag and be reverted back to normal.

Somes will be protected with PunkBuster and other similar anti-hacking protection.
Most of the times, if you stop those programs from running, your game will not work.

There are other games which does not use this exact system, like Warcraft 3 which compares the memory with every players in your game.
And Neverwinter Nights 2, which checks with their server-side memory except when you level up. Then the server stops double checking while you're leveling up.
Which allows you to hack and not be reverted back.

If you're thinking about protected private servers (Where trainers doesnt work) then only the server host can use Trainers or hacks, because his memory is used to check if yours is legit.

And if you see other people using memory hacks in a game, then you certainly have the same ability just need the right trainer.
There's not a special code or anything to make your trainers work on multiplayer where others fail.
Chances are, if you are using the right trainer for the right version and it still doesnt work on multiplayer, then it's protected.
If someone else is using a trainer where you cant, it probably means they are using their own servers, where memory is not checked.

Now that's for memory hacking.
Like I said in another topic, if you are looking to hack on multiplayer, legal or not, you should google about WPE Pro and Packet filtering/sniffing.
Using that method, you can fish for unencrypted packets, or if you're tough enough, find the timestamp encryption within the exe using a debugger, reverse or nullify it.
But that's as hard as beating PunkBuster. (I think?)

fambro140 20-06-2012 12:07

your trainer also gives the enemy inf hp which i do not like

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