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b2bcode 31-07-2020 07:56

Free Version of Nero?
Is there a free version of Nero still available for home users?

Thanks for help!:D

Joe Forster/STA 31-07-2020 11:24

What functionality do you need? For burning CD's and DVD's, I use(d) ImgBurn.

b2bcode 31-07-2020 13:06

I want to make disc covers, create and burn video discs as well as make copies of DVD discs. I asked Nero because i previously used it in past but now i can't find it after changing my PC.

Joe Forster/STA 31-07-2020 23:07

Honestly, I think Nero has been bloatware for, at least, the last decade. Try to find free software separately for each of the functionality that you listed.

b2bcode 01-08-2020 08:56

You are right maybe but good news for me after spending 2 hours of searching, I just reached the free version of Nero ( Actually it was Nero 9 that has limited features comparing to other versions. This release is only for home user's.

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