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myloveisthuy 07-05-2005 21:27

Soft convert DRM to Mp3
Hello everybody, I'm looking for a soft to convert file .wma that is protected by DRM to mp3.
What is software?

Neipas02 07-05-2005 23:08

Can't be done anymore as far as I know. = IMPOSSIBLE

CrazyCat 18-07-2005 02:55


Originally Posted by Neipas02
Can't be done anymore as far as I know. = IMPOSSIBLE

Yes it can be done. Use
Damn it sounds like I am advertising :)
The f***** DRM will always be "broken"

Neipas02 18-07-2005 08:19

That's a pretty lame method.. It's just highjacking the audio and re-recording it on the fly. That can be done without buying some lame program.

It causes a loss in quality and it also takes forever.. as the whole song has to play through for you to record it.. So if you have a full album to convert you're gonna have to wait an hour or so just to get it "unprotected".

Another note.. You have to have been the PURCHASER of the original DRM protected wma.. You can't get one from a friend and use tunebite because the file won't play on your computer to begin with. You have to have the DRM license for that particular wma which you won't get unless you payed for and downloaded that song personally on that particular PC.. So for anyone that is sharing DRM protected songs on P2Ps its completely pointless.

CrazyCat 19-07-2005 02:26

Of course it can be done so many ways without buying a program. But to use such a program is easier then to do a lot of operations. You can start Tunebite, let it run in the background, load all the files you want to convert in Windows Media Player and let it do his job. You can go to work or to sleep and it works for you. It needs to do the conversion real-time to keep it's legality, because this way it doesn't harm the DRM protection in any way.
And there is almost no quality loss, cause all this conversion is made inside a codec on the sound card, there are no wires included in this process :p
Of course you need to be the purchaser of the protected file, it would be at least stupid IMO to share protected files.

Antonioy 16-05-2006 05:29


Originally Posted by myloveisthuy
Hello everybody, I'm looking for a soft to convert file .wma that is protected by DRM to mp3.
What is software?

I use SOUNDTAXI and it will help you too! It's easy, fast and breaks DRM-protection successfully. You may learn about it from here:
:cool: It just deals with a huge variety of audio-formats... Hope you'll love it )

princcce 18-05-2006 12:48

drm cant be broken !!
A long time ago I looked for a program breaking drm. Im interested if soundtaxi can do that. Ill have a try.:)

Evil.Elf 23-05-2006 04:40

Yeah, it works great with Yahoo and Napster :D Works fast - to convert 300 WMA files into MP3 files it took less than 1 hour - that's 12x speed!

tomypost 20-01-2007 00:59

Normally, you can burn the protected music files to CD-R/RW disc. then rip them back to MP3.

There is a software "NoteBurner" from can help to convert protected music to MP3 File by using a virtual CD-RW burning method. It works as a virtual CD-RW burner, after selecting "NoteBurner" as default CD burner, then the software will convert all the music files in playlist easily.

This seems like a AD, however, I use this tool and it did work.

acal3000 30-01-2007 15:15

I wonder how is Vista now that is released with it's DRM crap bundled

fifiward 08-08-2007 03:29

noteburner can be run on Vista

beavershit 03-11-2007 17:24

old winamp very rare
there is a very old and rare version of winamp that could play .wma and use a plugin that would output to .wav instead of your directsound driver. when microsoft found out, they made nullsoft disable wavout plugin while wma is playing in a newer version of winamp. so winamp was at one point the fastest way to rip wma to wav. like 15 sec for a 3min song or better depends on the computer. not sure what version it was. most people don't archive old free winamp versions cause they didn't need to. by the time it hit the blogs it was already long gone from but mabey someone somewhere has it.

Joe Forster/STA 04-11-2007 05:17

... or hack the current version in WinAMP. ;)

clarence2008 14-04-2008 01:51

I'm just wondering what has this guy finally decided to get?My computer crashed a cople of days ago and I have to reinstall all the programs that I was using and I'm thinking of getting better ones.Among these, I need a good converter protected files.Any other suggestions of a good one?

dennyelvis62 08-07-2008 03:40

Try these Clarence .... i would personally recommend the Daniusoft Music Converter .... awesome for DRM :cool:

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