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PeTTs0n 13-04-2009 11:33

Call of Duty World at War 1.4 LAN fix
So, for my first post I'd just like to check around to see if there's any LAN fix available? (For playing over Hamachi and the likes, right now all clients get the "Create online profile" dialog.)

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated :)

n.too12 13-04-2009 14:27

Lan fix 1.4
I'm also searching for a lan fix. One which disables punkbuster and server authentication so me and my brother can play together in co-op.

PeTTs0n 13-04-2009 14:34

A PB disabling fix is already available at GCW (dunno if this is for codwawmp.exe only, so no coop due to this though), but the online profile binding is not removed as of yet ;/

JimmPoo 14-04-2009 01:27

Hey guys,
Here is the LAN Fixed.exe for v1.4.

This patched executable allows you to join LAN Co-op games without
permission from the auth server.

Thank ViTALiTY for the crack this is built on.

Place CodWaw_LANFixed.exe in your Call of Duty - World at War folder,
run it and you should be able to join LAN Co-op games.


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