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gozarck 11-04-2015 11:59

FreeArc SFX Maker
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This time i made FreeArcSFXMaker (bat file) to join setup.exe compiled and dat_01.bin(data compressed)
to make a SFX file. For light games and programs.

the script its Portable installer from thelastknight and razor12911.
because have config file.(and have a beautifull design)
And UA.SFX file extract everything. the best and very powerfull.(UltraArc razor12911.)


Data folder:


--dat_01.bin its your compressed data (dat_01.bin its my test file )

--Data.dll Its config file for Setup.Open Data.dll with notepad++ and modify the settings
-remember set the arc files like this


--PI.sfx is Portable installer compiled setup (thelastknight and Razor12911 script's) i just modify the name of config file and language to spanish.
-Only support Srep+lzma but you can made your own installer, (Setup.exe, and rename to PI.sfx and Put the file into Data folder)

--UA.sfx is Portable installer compiled setup from ultraArc (is the best support everything)(Razor12911)
--records.ini config file for Setup for UA.sfx.Open with notepad++ and modify the settings.
-remember set the arc files like this in records.ini
>how to use

>Put your data compressed file in Data folder with the name dat_01.bin
>>modify Data.dll
>>>Run FreeArcSFXMaker.bat


I always make this things for fun


PD:Razor12911 can you share your UA.sfx script, i want change the language to spanish. thanks.

Razor12911 11-04-2015 14:16

great bro work brk, will send you the source you requested.

pakrat2k2 11-04-2015 16:31

sweet nice & simple, for small things ;)

punchao 12-04-2015 04:50

Thanks bro

gozarck 20-06-2015 21:01

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ADDING FA.sfx (Srep support )

Freearc.sfx with srep support = (FA.sfx)
Native Freearc.sfx with CLS-srep.dll injected.

punchao 22-06-2015 15:21

Good job

gozarck 14-11-2015 09:49

Sorry im on my cellphone

gozarck 14-11-2015 09:54

7zip standalone unpacker.
First compress your game with 7zip and give a name mygame.7z
In 7zip installation folder you have 7z.sfx rename the file with the same name of your file mygame.exe now put the 7z and exe files in a new foler together and run mygame.exe and the installation will start to unpack mygame.7z. Also works with multi volume.
and go on....
The thing is the files 7z and exe need to have the same name to work.

panker1992 05-01-2016 22:57

Advanced Tiny Game Repacking
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Gozarck i absolutely love your work, with that said i present you my Advanced version of the tools

Masks, Precomp, Srep and MSC support all are included :D i hope you enjoy using as much as i enjoyed it when i found how it works :D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1)Choose you Program or Game make sure it is small to begin with
: Tiny Tools cannot support large number of Files

2) Put it inside Tiny_SFX_Compressor.bat and choose whatever compression method you want
: As I said all works Including Precomp, you can leave it as is its very Optimal

3) Run the bat and wait for magic

4) after you have the data.bin run make sfx.bat

5) the exe that is produced is ready to work without anything it will automatically Unpack whatever method i have provided so far :)

6) This tool is provided as is, it worked for me and i gladly share, further than that i cant guarantee that it work for you!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

gozarck 06-01-2016 13:38

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Very nice panker thank you my friend for share your work this is very useful.


This is old SF2FL.bat (Split Folder 2 File List) is buggy but works for test.
its like "freearc tactical split" by Razor12911 in batch.
this idea still buggy and I never finished.
If anyone want to test or fix. plase feel free to do it.
only for test use 300mb folder size
1_ run sf2fl.bat and paste the root
split folder by list 100mb per folder.
2_run copy bat
generate folder_1,2,3 and 100mb size per folder(more ror less)

check the bat file for more info.

TsubasaHP 16-10-2016 02:07

Hi, How could I set my own extraction directory path in Data.dll or records.ini ?!

for example when I click on Setup.exe I want my extraction directory path be like this by default:

C:\Program Files\PES 2017

gozarck 16-10-2016 18:04

Hello TsubasaHP

Data folder:

-dat_01.bin (your compressed file)
-Data.dll (config file for "PI.sfx")
-FA.sfx (Freearc.sfx with "CLS-srep.dll" inside for method -msrep+lzma)
-PI.sfx (portable installer)
-UA.sfx (UltraArc.sfx)
-records.ini (Config file for UA)
--dat_01.bin its your data compressed
If you use PI.sfx then set the output in Data.dll
If you use UltraArc.sfx then set the output in records.ini (Config file for UA)

TsubasaHP 17-10-2016 06:02


Originally Posted by gozarck (Post 452907)
Hello TsubasaHP

If you use PI.sfx then set the output in Data.dll
If you use UltraArc.sfx then set the output in records.ini (Config file for UA)

Thanks for your answer; but noting happend. I think I insert false binary in those files.

could you upload for me a proper file, please?!

for example, I want extract data.bin to C:\Program Files\PES 2017.
when I Click on Setup.exe, the extraction directory be like this by default:
C:\Program Files\PES 2017

kj911 30-04-2021 13:24

MSC eith TAK compressed audio SFX extraction problems.

Originally Posted by panker1992 (Post 445978)
Gozarck i absolutely love your work, with that said i present you my Advanced version of the tools

Masks, Precomp, Srep and MSC support all are included :D i hope you enjoy using as much as i enjoyed it when i found how it works :D ...

Please help! Make my custom repacks the very old MSTS game. The game contain huge 2+ GB's WAV-files. Its files compressed with the tools, via switches: arc a -lc1024 -ld1024 -ep1 -ed -r -w.\ datax.bin -mmsc+rep:256m "Data\*"

Modified arc.ini:

[External compressor:srep]
header = 0
packcmd  = srep -m5f -l64 $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp

[External compressor:msc]
header = 0
packcmd = MSC c -v -f -t0 -wav=1 -raw=2 -bmp=1 -ddsraw=1 -ddsdxt=1 -mp3=1 -bmf=9s -tak=9 -dxt=2  $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp

[External compressor:precomp]
header = 0
packcmd  = precomp -slow -t-j -o$$arcpackedfile$$.tmp  $$arcdatafile$$.tmp
unpackcmd = precomp -o$$arcdatafile$$.tmp -r $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp

and SREP-exe file replaced to v3.92b versions from get UA2.9.0.0R6 Tools.

Created *.bin file converted to *.exe its works. File decompressions its works via Win XP SP3 and Win7 SP1 x64 systems. Win10 Home x64 don't works. SFX programs, perfectly extracted these *.wav files and CRC-hashes its OK!

Win XP:

Win7 SP1 x64:

and get error from Win10 Home x64:

Please help to found fixing idea. Run as Admin mode, not works. Run as Win XP SP3 compatibility mode, don't work. Mixed methods, don't works. Run EXE file, without any files located in execution dirs, dont works. Copy any external exe/dll files and arc/cls.ini from any combination, dont works.

Archive info:

FreeArc 0.67 (March 15 2014) listing archive: sound.bin

Archive type: FreeArc
Total bytes: 2,244,836,087
Compressed bytes: 650,557,273
Ratio: 28.98%

Directory blocks: 1
Directory, bytes: 156,248
Directory, compressed: 40,088
Solid blocks: 1
Avg. blocksize: 2141 mb

Compression memory: 288 mb
Decompression memory: 256 mb
Dictionary: rep:256mb

Archive locked: -
Archive comment: -
Recovery info: -
SFX size: -
Headers encrypted: -
Encryption algorithms: -

              Pos            Size      Compressed  Files Method
              31  2,244,836,087    650,557,273  5,001 msc+rep:256mb
5,001 files, 2,244,836,087 bytes, 650,557,273 compressed
All OK

Gehrman 30-04-2021 14:39


[External compressor:msc]
header = 0
packcmd = MSC c -v -f -t0 -wav=1 -raw=2 -bmp=1 -ddsraw=1 -ddsdxt=1 -mp3=1 -bmf=9s -tak=9 -dxt=2  $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp


[External compressor:msc]
header    = 0
default    = -raw=1
packcmd    = "MSC" c -f -v {options} $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp


MSC_Full = msc:wav=1:raw=2:bmp=1:ddsraw=1:ddsdxt=1:mp3=1:bmf=9s:tak=9:dxt=2
MSC_WAV = msc:mp3=0:wav=1

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