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mojo8850 28-05-2006 16:37

** Pioneer 110d Its A Pain Help..! **

I Have The Pioneer 110D With The Latest Firmware. From Pioneers Website.
I Have Made A Backup Of My Game RUSH FOR BERLIN.

When I Come To Install It I Get CRC Error, If I Abort And Re-Install The CRC Error Is In Another Location.
Thinking That My Backup Might Be Faulty I Try The Same Back-Up Media On 2 Other PC They Install Perfectly On Both Computer. And Work.

So I Assume It My F*****G Crap Pioneer Drive It's New 2 Month Old..

Any Help Would Be Appreciated. :)

GLH 28-05-2006 22:15

Try to revert to an older firmware.

mojo8850 29-05-2006 02:57

Thats The Problem GLH.

Once You've Upgraded To The Latest, You Can't Revert To The Lower Firmware.

Joe Forster/STA 29-05-2006 03:55

Try to update your firmware to a region-free, hacked firmware (of the same version) and then downgrade. Perhaps, that'll work...

mojo8850 29-05-2006 08:07

Unfortunatley There Is'nt A Region-Free Hacked Firmware Yet. Im Stuck With It @ The Moment.
Any Other Ide's Anyone..

Grumpy 31-05-2006 22:47


Once You've Upgraded To The Latest, You Can't Revert To The Lower Firmware.
I thought the one thing about Pioneers firmware updates was the ability to reverse it? Have you actually tried it?

mojo8850 01-06-2006 01:05


Yes I Have Tried It, I Would'nt Have Said You Cant Reverse The Firmware If I Had'nt Tried It.
So Any Other Suggestion Team.

Grumpy 01-06-2006 02:42

I know it is possible to downgrade with the 107D, I have a 107D but I use one of Nils firmware hacks with that drive and it is reversable. I have not updated using one of the pioneer firmware updates so I cant say if it is possible to downgrade once using pioneers upgrader? I always use one created by 'Nil'.
I also have the 110D but have never upgraded the firmware for it as yet so I cant be 100% sure if its reversable for the 110?
Is DVRFlash still the tool to use? (Its been awhile since I update the 107 so am not sure if things have changed dramatically?)
If I were you I would consider trying what Joe suggested, that is try one of Nils firmware hacks.

And I hope you didnt misinterpret my 'Have you tried it' remark?
It was only meant to be a genuine question. ;)

Good Luck

EDIT: Hmm it appears you may be out of luck! Just found this:
"Caution! Once the drives have been updated, the drive will NOT be able to be restored to an earlier firmware version."

I read that on Pioneers site
So I now dont know if my 107 was reversable because it was a 107 or if it was because I used Nils upgrade and not the Pioneer one?

mojo8850 01-06-2006 06:40

So What You Suggesting.
I Cant Downgrade, What The Nils upgrade Page Link.

Oh I Forgot Yes They Have Changed Dramaticly You Dont Even Need To Use DVRFlash.exe.
All You Do Extract And Program Loads And Automaticly Upgrdes The Drive.

Grumpy 01-06-2006 16:37

Sorry Mojo, it appears Nil stopped updating his site since the A08. There are no updates for the 109 series or the 110 series! Shame as they were better than the Pioneer ones.

mojo8850 02-06-2006 12:40

Do You Still Have The Link To The Site..

Grumpy 02-06-2006 16:31

DABhand 02-06-2006 18:20

The old saying is something to remember - "If it aint broke....."

Grumpy 02-06-2006 20:09


The old saying is something to remember - "If it aint broke....."
Hence why Ive never ugraded the 110 ;)
I only did the 107 to up the speeds for writing mainly RW's. I normally burn most things at a max of 4x anyway so faster speeds on DVD-R's doesnt really interest me.

mojo8850 03-06-2006 12:56

So Guys What You Suggest On This 110D Pioneer DVD-RW.
Is There Any Other Firmware Hacks Out There.

Grumpy 03-06-2006 18:15

Probably the best and only thing you can do is to contact Pioneer. They caused the problem so they should fix it.
Make them aware of the problem and they will then know to release another firmware update.

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