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Zirconia Wolf 03-03-2010 11:40

Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection?
(Wasn't exactly sure where this should be posted. Sorry if it's in the wrong place!)

After checking Game Copy World (and other places) I have come up empty in a search for a no-cd exe for Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection, so thought I would take a chance and ask if someone out there could point me in the right direction. (Game Copy World does have no-cd exe's for the base ZT2 and all it's individual expansions, just nothing I can find for the Ultimate Collection which most definitely needs it's own.)

I did found one file ( 9) but Norton (or more precisely Sonar) outright refuses to launch it (in fact will delete it no matter what security settings I alter), so I have to image it's not a safe file as Norton/Sonar never freak over any other no-cd exe I have ever used...but all my other exe's have been from Game Copy World and this one was from a place I have never heard of.

If it matters, I have Windows 7 64-Bit. Also to clarify, I do legally own this (and all my other) games, so this isn't a (ban-able) whinny torrent request: it's a whinny "help I'm to stupid to find what I'm looking for" request.

Thanks for any help anyone out there may have!

Joe Forster/STA 03-03-2010 14:03

Dunno what Solar is but if it's related to Norton/Symantec Antivirus then forget it: the latter is full of false positives as well as false negatives. Use AVG, Kaspersky or NOD32 instead. (Where did you find this crack; is it in the list oft he PC Games forum FAQ? If so, it should be a reliable source...)

Please, check the main game executables with Protection ID and quote its report here so that we see the copy protection on the game.

Zirconia Wolf 03-03-2010 20:25

I found the file here:
URL removed!

It was all that turned up on my Google search. Well, at least all that wasn't outright torrent related from what I could tell. If the above is in fact a link to anything torrent related please delete it and realize I didn't post it knowing so! I am just hunting for a (legitimate) no-cd exe!

I know Norton will frequently freak out when it shouldn't, but in the past I have always been able to override it and get on with business, just not with this particular file. In fact I am not even given an option: Norton/Sonar deletes the thing even if I pick the "run anyway" option. I currently have Norton 2010 and I think Sonar is one of it's applications...but again, it's never been something I couldn't override before. (I've still got several months left on my stupid subscription so I hate to ditch it yet...but may have to if it keeps this up!)

I have just downloaded/ran Protection ID and it reports that Safedisc v4.90.010 is the protection in place for the two exe files and one dll being the "possible" CD/DVD serial code check.

Joe Forster/STA 04-03-2010 10:14

Yeah, that is some kind of a warez site - but seems to be the kind where you wander around and find nothing at all as it's actually phishing (trying to phish?) your personal data only - so URL removed.

Zirconia Wolf 04-03-2010 11:43

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Oh crap!

Sorry for the link- now I really feel like an idiot!

I had a brief thought of asking about making my own exe file but I gather from reading the posts here that this isn't really something a casual game player/modder like me should attempt.

I have toyed with the idea of trying the latest exe available on Game Copy World (for the Extinct Animals expansion, which is the last EP released) just to see if it might work, just haven't had the nerve yet. Technically, the UC is just a re-packaging of all the ZT2 EPs...but as it has it's own distinct splash screen/etc, I'm pretty sure it will require it's own exe file, so I thought I would see if one existed yet.

Doesn't look like it though...


(Thanks for taking the time to "talk" to me though: many boards aren't so nice to dumb newbies like me!)

***Edited To Add***

Tried using the EA exe and no dice (duh!) so it looks like I am up a creek unless somebody makes a UC exe....which I suppose is rather unlikely given that the game was released in 2008/09 and it's now 210 though.

Any chance there are (legitimate) sites out there that take such requests? (Protection ID says that Safedisc v4.90.010 is the protection in place, if it matters.)

***Edited To Add***

On the off chance someone out there will take pity on me (and that Safedisc v4.90.010 is even able to be worked around at this time) I am attaching all the files needed to get to the "Please Insert Disk" prompt, as per the instructions in the FAQ here.

The RAR contains 3 dlls and 1 exe. I have double checked and yes, they are the necessary files.

Thanks again for anyone who may (eventually) be able to help me out.


(Not sure if it matters or not, but just in case: my OS is 64-Bit W7)

mfsav2 06-06-2010 05:51

any update here?

Cowsheep 06-06-2010 10:58

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Yes, a fixed exe appeared. Try it.

Ligress 08-06-2010 09:30

Dear God, this needs to be on the top of every Google search for this item.

*bows down to CowSheep's greatness, and Zirconia for providing the necessary files* :D

*favs the page a million times to see if it works*

I can't tell you how many people would be happy to have this .exe. No spam-filled website attached to it or anything, they just gotta make an account and download it.

I think I might make a YouTube video directing people to this page to download it.

BJPG 19-06-2010 21:06


Originally Posted by Cowsheep (Post 385791)
Yes, a fixed exe appeared. Try it.

It works and thank you.:D I have looked everywhere for this fx. Hi everyone Thanks so much for the zip file. My Grandson loves these games. I bought the Ultimate Collection for him and needed to have it installed on his computer and mine for when he visits <which he does a lot because it was only on my computer for months>. This solved the "don't forget the Disk" problem. I looked all over. And for those who are, like me, running it on Windows 7, use the XP Pack 3 compatibility It runs fine on Win 7. I am delighted.:)

cyanide tictacs 27-06-2010 09:55

for some reason it says that im missing the strings.dll; and when i download a strings.dll and put it in the same folder it wont start up at all.

Joe Forster/STA 27-06-2010 09:57

Where did you download strings.dll from; if from some general DLL site then why do you expect it to belong to this particular game?!

Cowsheep 27-06-2010 14:41

Did you copy zt.exe to the right folder?
If yes, you MUST have been asked for overwriting the file.
A foreign string.dll will never work.

Gigazillarex 12-07-2010 23:09

When I Download the file it says string dll not found then I tried to put the strings dll of my zt2 (with no expansion) then it did not start :confused: pls tell me the problem ASAP

Cowsheep 13-07-2010 05:09

Replace zt.exe with original one. If you dont get asked for overwriting the file you are in the wrong folder.

Fedek 28-07-2010 08:01

it doesnt works!, to me
pd: Im from Argentina, y see de video in You Tube

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