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mr_evilguy 11-11-2008 19:01

My Sims - Simple Backup Fix
If you are involved in download any pirated software, games,
music, videos, or any other illegal media; you may not use any
of my methods. I have no intention of helping people involved
in these particular activities benefit from the information that I
provide. Thank you for your understanding. To all those not
involved in the afore mentioned activities please continue reading
and use any information I provide freely.

Okay so if you're like me you don't use
ANY CD/DVD because you make images
of them, well anyway I just made an Image
of MySims (pc) and mounted it with DTPro.
Guess what, Securom kicked in and told me
I can't play it. So I go out and look for a no-CD
patch or some other fix, nothing time and time
again. Okay, if you've read this far you're probably
getting board of reading so I'll make this quick.

Mount MySims Image File with Dameon Tools Pro
using an emulated IDE drive. Install and attempt
to run you will get an error saying a security package
could not initialize or something like that. Restart,
make sure you're MySims image is mounted, now
go into task manager and end all Dameon Tools Processes.
Run again and you should be playing.

Hope this helps.

This method was tested using:
Windows Vista Ultimate <-- Heavy Registry modification
DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced v4.30.0303
MySims MDS/MDF image
No Image processes running (Nero, Alcohol 120%, etc...) *EDIT*

I hope this works for everyone, if not let me know
and I'll do some research to see why it worked for
me and not you, but lets all hope I don't have to ^.^

Enjoy, Share, and spread the word XD
(if you do post this method on other forums pls give me credit)

DABhand 11-11-2008 19:49

I have heard you need to put an image into DTPro on a Virtual IDE drive not one of the SCSI ones. But doesnt MYsims follow the rest of EA stuff with online activation?

wolfsrain 12-11-2008 00:59

On the box cover is written: internet connection required. So logically, the answer would be yes.

mr_evilguy 12-11-2008 03:48

You can play this game solo, but
the registration thing should not
be a problem if you use a legitimate
backup image and key.

This is just a method of bypassing
Securom's detection so you are
able to play with cd/dvd/hd-dvd images.

DABhand 12-11-2008 08:18

So you are saying, you are helping warez users?

If so you should read rule #1 here.

mr_evilguy 12-11-2008 16:30

I'm not sure where you are getting
that from but, if this is going to become
a flame war on my first post, then I
am very mistaken about this community.
Furthermore I am well aware of the #1 rule,
yes I do read forum rules before posting.

Anyway, I have no intention of helping
people who illegally download files, but I
am sure there are plenty of people who
frequent this forum that do. It is not up
to me as to what kind of people find this
information useful, but I will put a disclaimer
on this and all future posts to dismiss any of
this nonsense in the future. I hope this
clears up any questions you may have had.

DABhand 13-11-2008 04:47

Well as said the online authentication isnt a big issue, it should authenticate and no need for media, so your bypass idea is in effect bypassing this protection.

Unless you still need your disc after authentication but after the recent flux of EA games which dont require the media afterwards it would be a bit weird for this title to be different.

And where is the flaming? There has been none, I asked a question in the 2nd post, why you took that as a flame I have no idea.

wolfsrain 13-11-2008 06:33

The only title needing a DVD in drive after authentication is Alone in the Dark 5 from Atari. Farcry 2, the EA titles and Sacred2 removes the need for a DVD to be present in the optical drive.
I think that is closing the discussion on those subject. And yes, NFS Undercover is confirmed to use the very same protection. Any other questions??

Joe Forster/STA 13-11-2008 06:38

@mr_evilguy: People on this forum are generally not malicious but rather suspicious: we've seen quite a few people trying to sneak around the forum rules. So, please, don't get offended by questions, even tricky ones.

However, if a post/thread turns out to make more trouble (by helping warez kids) than help (by helping legal owners) then it WILL be closed and/or deleted. (This might not be mentioned explicitly in the forum rules but should be obvious anyway...)

Zulu 14-11-2008 00:56


Originally Posted by wolfsrain (Post 363814)
The only title needing a DVD in drive after authentication is Alone in the Dark 5 from Atari. Farcry 2 ... removes the need for a DVD to be present in the optical drive.

Are you sure ?
On two forums i've read different, e.g. here

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