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boy7 23-01-2018 14:03

DVD-RW can't read content of first DVD
Hey everyone, I have problem that DVD-RW can't read content of all first DVDs of the games, for example I have GTA V with 14 DVD, it can read 13 dvds and shows content but can't read the first one who has Setup and autorun, something with MAFIA II and PES 2018.
Dvd shows blank and 0bytes in size.
I burned Dvds with UltraIso, and I tested them all before burning.

I wish to have a solution hare and thank you all so much.

Joe Forster/STA 24-01-2018 01:50

Is the "Setup" file a single, very large (multiple gigabytes) executable file?

boy7 24-01-2018 05:16

Thanks for your reply.
No, setup file comes with data files. I want to add an info that
I tried to edit registry and it worked but after I shuted down the lap
and I tried again today didn't work.

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