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gatosky1620 29-05-2013 11:23

Dust an Elysian Tale 1xDVD5 CIUV2
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Dust an Elysian Tale 1xDVD5 CIUV2
Thanks to Yener for script, Razor12911 for modifications

1. Install the game. Update game to latest version, apply NO-CD if necessary.

2. Download attachment, extract to HD, NOT in Gamefolder.

2A. MOVE _CommonRedists to conversion output folder.

3. Run UltraARC, Browse/Select Your installed game, then choose output location.

4. Test the conversion, before burning ISO.

5. Then burn folder contents to DVDs with same folder name.

DVD - 1.50GB

Yet another conversion with FC3 as SmallInstaller. Updated to latest CIUV2
See post #4 for file.- pakrat2k2

dillinger11 10-06-2013 05:05

working with 1.3 update?

gatosky1620 10-06-2013 08:12


pakrat2k2 09-03-2017 18:25

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Conversion updated to latest version, fixed SmallInstaller issue.

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