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johnrhoades 22-12-2005 06:53

Itunes to mp3
Please can someone help,i have saved all my music in itunes for my ipod.My problem is my wife has bought a phillips mp3 player,i need to convert all the music so i can save it on her mp3.Please help i am going mad

Monty Burns 26-12-2005 14:33

You have to play the song and record at the same time.......

Neipas02 27-12-2005 05:50

Easiest method for that slow and painful process is tunebite. Its a digital 1:1 copy. If your system is fast enough it has a highspeed dubbing option. it'll take you a 1/4 of the actual length of the song to make a copy of it.

AXmichigan 27-12-2005 22:07

that programs siiick
itll do it for u
u might need to download an extra codec for it
but itll show u where

Antonioy 17-05-2006 00:48

Soundtaxi does!
This is another great program ! :cool:

missi602 21-05-2006 18:10

Howdy guys, this is my first post so here goes.
The easiest way i have found to convert files is to burn them onto a music cd or mp3 cd with nero, then i can either drag them onto my mp3 player or just listen to them in my car, and i have a backup in case my hd packs it in --- again.

AXmichigan 02-06-2006 21:50

did noone listen to me?
it converts em in like 10 secs per file

Morath69 01-07-2007 15:11

does dbpoweramp also convert movie files??

AXmichigan 04-07-2007 11:23

what kind?

hakz 01-08-2007 06:02

dbpoweramp does not work. it doesn't detect the files.

Jada^AoC 25-08-2007 12:53


soundtaxi should work otherwise it's not really possible to convert them into mp3... iTunes files are protected with FairPlay it won't be able to convert without a license...

Greetz Jada^AoC

hakz 25-08-2007 15:56

tunebite works as well

AXmichigan 12-09-2007 23:14


Originally Posted by hakz (Post 344016)
dbpoweramp does not work. it doesn't detect the files.

you needa get the codec file

then it will
dbpoweramp has a huge library for codecs

fifiward 21-10-2007 23:19

there are so many programs can convert iTune music to mp3.

NoteBurner and NoteCable is the best two I have found, NoteBurner works very fast, while NoteCable is very easy to use.

adrianj2 25-01-2008 07:38

I think TuneCab works fine but you should try Tunebite also.It can convert up to 50 file audio and video formats at a great speed, without messing with the quality of the also has a CD burning function for audio and MP3 CDs.

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