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brkr101 14-05-2005 07:45

Creative Zen Touch Installation CD
Hello everyone,
I'm a newbie to the whole MP3 player thing, so if this is a stupid question I apologize in advance. I bought a creative zen touch about a month ago and can't find where I put the installation cd. Does anyone know where I can download the cd or worse case scenario buy a new cd, or how to install my MP3 player without the cd? I also have NOMAD jukebox to transfer songs to my MP3 player but it keeps telling me the MP3 player isn't connected (i guess b/c it's not installed)??? Thanks in advance.

Kaymo 13-09-2006 19:02

Creative zen touch cd
Did you ever find that site to download the cd?

Joe Forster/STA 14-09-2006 04:57

Uhm, have you tried browsing around or sending an E-mail to their support team?

Kaymo 17-09-2006 16:45

zen touch
I did but i couldnt find anything....

Joe Forster/STA 17-09-2006 17:07

Uhm, read the second half of my sentence, too.

AXmichigan 17-09-2006 18:38

too funny

dragon36 03-03-2007 19:26

zen touch installation cd
those who are still having trouble finding the zen touch installation cd i know where you can get one. i have had much difficulty and have contacted the support team which in return have contacted me back they have given me a shop line number which is toll free and has costed me approximatley 20$. this 20$ includes the shipping and handling fee. the nuber you so require is 1-800-998-1000. Just a note they are only open from 9AM - 6PM CT, Monday - Friday Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays. best regards. good luck.

lazycruz 19-04-2012 22:02

how do i download

Joe Forster/STA 20-04-2012 03:54

You can find downloads at the very first hit on Google when searching for "creative zen touch installation cd".

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