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Joe Forster/STA 18-06-2009 17:50

Ghostbusters 1.0 no-DVD patch by Reloaded
This is a Steam game and, as such, its crack should not be on GCW, according to the current rules. Please, remove.

TippeX 18-06-2009 23:15

vitality one is securom... so we're in a catch-22 here :(

DABhand 18-06-2009 23:54

Its not just a steam game.

But yes Reloaded used a steam binary. Vitality is cracked retail binary.

EMPiRE 19-06-2009 06:21

It also uses SecuROM PA on the retail so both EXE's have been removed...

Joe Forster/STA 23-06-2009 07:59

It has been reported to me in a PM that Codename Panzers: Cold War uses a very similar copy protection so its crack should also be removed. :(

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