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Goldey 06-07-2005 06:21


Originally Posted by RkShaRkz
i don't want to sound dumb or anything, but i used toothpaste (yes, regular toothpaste) a couple of times and it worked......
the way i did it is like this:
- apply the toothpaste randomly on the CD
- well, i used small circular motions, but i guess you could use the straight outward motions (i'll have to try that one)
- rub it ALL in, untill the toothpaste kinda faints......
- take a clean peace of cloth (or something) and wipe it all out..... the CD looks brand new, and more importantly - WORKS :)

what am i doing wrong!!
i apply the tooth paste to the surface then i use a polish cloth(all i could find) and rub until it disapears
do i just apply it with my fingers
i think ill ruin it if i put any more toothpaste

Goldey 06-07-2005 06:48

theres improvment in the installiation it now gos up to 64% rather then the usually 61%.......and now it says damaged/missing file!!!!
but still its an improvement

edit: now 65 but still says missing file

DylanCliveBurger 12-11-2012 10:56

watch out!
Just don't let the disk get too hot, I had an old game that I kept polishing, the one day it got hot, And, well, it got full of tiny little cracks( they don't come out and ruin a disk)

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