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  1. Grumpy
    04-11-2008 07:05
    LoL, its cool mate, Empire undeleted the thread whilst I was sending you the last message. I presume youve heard the story about ME deleting the 'Entire' CD2DVD section when I first started Moderating? LOL So yeh I know mistakes can happen. Took me hours to restore the whole CD2DVD section from a backup Empire supplied.
  2. Grumpy
    04-11-2008 05:24
    G'day Tip,
    Just wanted to give you a rap over the knuckles for being a very naughty boy! :P

    You Deleted the Jade Empire DVD9 to DVD5 thread because someone requested original movie files.
    Just ban the requester but 'please' dont delete the entire thread lol. To much info in the thread to just lose it.

    Ive restored the thread, thanks mate.


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