View Full Version : Backup Wii games (Options) (im a beginner)

26-11-2008, 16:34
Ok, first off I don't want to install a mod chip in my console. Is there any software out there (like Game Copy Pro?) That will let me backup my games and then the backups will be playable in my wii? GameCOpy Pro site says I dont need a certain type of burner with their software? Any advice? Help !

26-11-2008, 20:22
there is some kind of software mod for the wii but a mod chip is much better I can't help you much on the soft mod because I have never used it.

The best way to copy Wii discs is to go to Megaloot4u.com and buy one of the LG drives and use raw dump then use IMGburn to burn the image onto a DVD-R

For blank discs I use these
They are a little more but well worth the price as the Wii seems to be very picky about what media it will read

If you are not comfortable installing a new drive into your pc then you can get a IDE to USB adapter and plug the drive into a USB port on your pc

29-09-2009, 23:56
thanks and also it says burn the 2 files that are inside well I download 1 file and unrar it and that has 1 file in it so does that mean i put the Wii-AIO_by_Mackem_Lad and the Wii-AIO.exe or do I just put the one Wii-AIO.exe on sd card

07-10-2009, 20:43
I don't think it's the burn speed either. I heard the backup loader is at 3x, while the wii boots regular games at 6x. I'm not sure where I heard this, or if it's true, but it seems likely.

09-10-2009, 21:03
LOL why make another account? to do the same thing again.