View Full Version : Nintendo Wii and 15 games

19-11-2007, 22:55
Check out the games at http://yfdata.100webspace.net/index.php?id=gamn12 looks like you have to participate to get the game - but worth it if it works out free or close to it!

13-11-2009, 18:33
Maybe even try changing your Wii's video mode from
NTSC to PAL, and vice versa. Make sure the .iso you're using hasn't
had a patch video mode, or been patched to use an IOS other than
IOS53, or been patched at all. Make sure it's not a bad dump, etc.
If it still gives a black screen, then we're not quite sure why it's
not working for you. Maybe there's a setting you missed and
didn't change.