View Full Version : Where to find Cheats/Trainers; also about Promo/Demo Trainers

Joe Forster/STA
18-11-2007, 13:26
Below is a non-comprehensive list of sites you can download cheats/trainers from:

Active Trainer Sites:

Dirty Little Hacker (http://dlh.net) (also hosts official game patches back to 1993)
MegaGames (http://www.megagames.com/trainers.html) trainers section
Mogelgott.de (http://www.mogelgott.de) (German)
MoFunZone (http://www.mofunzone.com/game_trainers.shtml) trainers section
Trainers City (http://www.trainerscity.com) (French)

Pay Trainer Sites:

Cheat Happens (http://www.cheathappens.com)

Inactive Trainer Sites:

Eleet Cheat (closed)
gamyy.com (closed)
gamehacking.co.uk (closed)
RADiANCE (closed)
Xblade GameHackinG (closed)
Delta10FY (closed)
DEViATED Gamehacking (closed)
German GameHacking Zone (closed)
Geri's Game Cheats (closed)
Sicheats (closed)
Trainer-Paradies (closed)
CheatHog (closed)
CheatScapes (closed)
Ph◘d◘SOFT (closed)

(The sites are in English, unless otherwise noted. If you know more, please, contact me to have them added to this list.)

GameCopyWorld also hosts the demo/promo versions of trainers from some of these sites. Please, note that GameCopyWorld is neither making money with this nor advertising these trainers and trainer sites. This as an extra feature, helping you to try the trainer demos and, perhaps, using them without considering to purchase the full trainers. Complaints, related to this topic, against GameCopyWorld or the trainer authors will be deleted without notice!

In this forum, announcements of free full trainers are allowed only. Announcements of non-full (= promo) or non-free (= commercially sold) trainers are considered advertising and dealt with as such, according to the forum rules.

24-09-2009, 05:44
GameCopyWorld hosts any available trainer there is to be found

So this also includes crippled "Promo/Demo Trainers" which usually only have 1 option available and for which you have to pay the owner of this promo to access more options. Some people are against this practice as they think trainers should be free, but then again why should they not be allowed to ask for money for a piece of software in which they have put a lot of work. So this is up to them.

Currently there have been a few parties at "war" over trainer-code stealing. This "war" has totally gotten out of hand and has already taken too much of our attention.
We have nothing to do with this "war", so we will not be forced to take either side and will not be part of this childish behaviour from all parties involved.

My decision is final on this matter and won't be changed, people who do not agree with this should go elsewhere and should not bother us any further as we just do not care about this any more!