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16-11-2007, 09:04
I had the problem that the Promo-Trainer let the game crash if try to load a savegame. I`ve already patched Witcher to 1.1a, dont think thats the problem;) and the F1 in the Main Menu is also working, I hear the "activated" voice. Does anybody have the same shit? Can anybody help?

Thx for ya help!

Greetings GNA

edit: I tested the full Version of the Trainer (from CheatHappens), same problem, whats my mistake?:(

16-11-2007, 12:06
How did you manage to "test" the full version trainer from CH when it isnt public?

16-11-2007, 12:52
you want the full one

16-11-2007, 14:19
@catdog - if you actually read the post you'd have seen he tried the 'full' one....
and why is it all of your (4) posts are inane crap like 'make it free', 'try the full one', if you've nothing to offer, simply dont post...

16-11-2007, 15:22
He even offered me it in a PM. Oh lordy :P

And you should have seen the other PM I got lol me has to have wordies with Joe Boy. Seems hes been talking to undesirables about me :P

16-11-2007, 15:43
ill say what ever i want

Joe Forster/STA
16-11-2007, 16:21
In an anarchy, yes; in a democracy, not always; in a dictatorship, mostly not. (Hint: This forum is neither of the first two...)

16-11-2007, 18:51
ill say what ever i want

You were offering a stolen trainer basically, its not for the public until the 4th of December.

And ive seen it all over, no doubt its the same one with the same encoded ex-sub payer from CH, the thing is you may think you feel great to have this trainer, but bear in mind the person who gave it out is now not able to now.

And it will make you some enemies, the author of that trainer your offering around actually comes here also.

If this trend of giving away the trainers continues, it will just force Caliber to not do anymore, then you will have to rely on the groups (who arent really active in the trainer scene) to get them for free. And that will be a long time or short time depending on the game.

In a way your disrespecting trainer makers by doing this.

But since you sound so confident and think you are above rules here and think you can do whatever you want, maybe your so brilliant to do your own trainers. Then perhaps you will understand what ive just said to you to this point which has no doubt went in one ear and out the other, or should say in one eye into an empty brain and disappear.