View Full Version : Challange for all Game Trainers!

14-11-2007, 02:21
I would like to propose a challenge to all the trainer makers out there!
How bout creating a program that shows if someone is using hacks whilst playing an online game!
For example, I play a lot of Battlefield 2 online. It is common knowledge people use hacks in this game and many other online games.

These hacks are not detected by punkbuster.

Now if you guys want to make some serious money and not have to worry about donations, then put punkbuster to shame and show them what needs to be done by producing your own hack detection program.

Whoever comes up with the program would be well known, world wide, almost instantly! Not to mention the money you would be paid to allow game publishers to include your program with their games.

I believe creating Trainers would be consindered relatively easy compared to my challenge?
Come on, someone prove me wrong and create this type of badly needed program. ;)

Go for it guys. :D

14-11-2007, 03:45
and dont use drivers ;p

14-11-2007, 14:06
Its a tough thing, if it wasnt so tough then punkbuster etc would have done it already.

You can usually tell by the stats who is cheating etc anyways.

14-11-2007, 17:21
Yep realize its not an easy task.

Instead of trying to stop the hackers would there be a way of spotting the hackers.

In other words, let the hackers into the game but have a program which allows the server gameops to spot those people using the hacks.
This would be just as effective providing there are gameops about to watch the game.

These are just thoughts btw. My theory is let an idea loose and there is the possibility someone will turn the idea into a reality. ;)

I am putting the idea out there to get peoples thoughts on it.

I do think it is a lost cause, but you dont know until you ask. :)

15-11-2007, 08:51
Most hacks like head shot hacks get it precise each shot, so I guess you could have a stat checker on the server where it can detect successive precise shots in a row and look more into the guy.

Or they could set up a complete server sided system where you shoot and the server figures out the trajectory of bullets by angle of your gun and way your facing etc. Surely that would bring up plenty of red flags within a short time if someone is using hacks.

And remember kids if you use hacks you are gay.

End of.

16-11-2007, 16:12
Do hacks modify the code section of the game always, or just sometimes?

16-11-2007, 19:00
Guess it depends on the game, some are modified dll's, others programs that run the game, others just script addons.

Either way its a disgrace, and its going downhill even more.

Few years ago I mentioned about the current trend of PC games, the way people download everything they get their hands on without buying (I called them "Broadband Kiddies"), so no respect to designers and the long hours.

The same about online play, its a good posibility that a huge percentage of hack users are totally shit at the game they use hacks in, so they use them to try and look more important or make them feel good about themselves (but in the end they are still shit at the game), the rest are probably bored with the game and have some skill, but both types ruin it for the rest who just paid for a game they want to spend time with and enjoy the experience.

Because of this growing trend, you will find that major developers will start to develop more and more big name titles on consoles only. The Force Unleashed the next Star Wars game is only so far for consoles, why put money and effort into a PC version which will be highly abused by people illegally obtaining it.

And it will continue, wont be long before the PC becomes a forgotten system and consoles become more used.

Then the broadband kiddies will complain about that and of course wont take the blame.

But welcome to Planet Earth people, were the human race are mostly ignorant idiots who hate people who work hard as they are too lazy to do it themselves, and of course cheat at everything just to get by. What a life that must be huh?

16-11-2007, 23:15
wont be long before the PC becomes a forgotten system and consoles become more used.
Yep I have been telling people this for a few years now.

What really sucks is when big name games come out, like Call of Duty 4, it only takes a few days for the hacks to be released. Yes they are already available for COD4, and there is absolutely nothing Punkbuster can do about it!

I know my idea was very wishful thinking, and I certainly appreciate it would not be easy to come up with something to stop these hackers ruining our online gaming experience. Even if a private party did come up with a way to stop these hacks, the hack groups would only come up with another way to invent and use their hacks. Its a vicious circle!

It would be great to have a program which detects people using hacks, not to stop them but to detect them, then they can be booted and banned. Yes they can create another account but if the game they purchased was blocked by the online CD-Key then they would soon get sick of purchasing the game over and over again.

A program which could be used by the gameops/admins of gaming severs would be the best way to catch these low life lamers red handed.

Companies and the relevent authorities spend millions of dollars each year trying to stop people releasing pirated movies etc, to bring down the warez sites etc so it makes you wonder why publishers dont do the same thing to the sites selling their game hacks. They are easily found and dont try to hide their presence on the net.

Online gaming is a great way for gaming companies/publishers etc to make money from the games, they are relatively safe from warez users because you need at least a legit serial to play online.

The thing that amazes me, is on some of these hack sites it costs $20US just to register on their site, with various costs ranging from $20 per month up to close to $300US for a yearly membership, and these sites have well over $20000 members!! Thats a lot of money they have received just from those registering to access the site!

Sorry about the length of my post but I really enjoy online gaming and yes I can see it all coming to an end in a few years, all because of a few lamers who just cant play without using some sort of hack!!

27-11-2007, 14:24
How about using some "reverse psychology" on packet encryption? If you're good at it, you can detect the packets responsible with - say - death in-game (you being killed by an enemy) and "inverse" it (am I shot at? yes - return damage to user ID shooting at me). This way they would die when shooting you..

The above can be used to detect common hacks. By studying the packets behavior, you would turn every hack in auto-death caused to player trying to use it :) Better than banning them :P

Am not sure under what circumstances it can be achieved under Punkie..