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18-10-2007, 05:03
I was playing this game just fine until I got to level 18 where you need to propel yourself high enough to reach upper platforms. ..well I couldn't do it so I created a moon-jump.

The game really doesn't need any cheats but it does tend to give you a headache popping in and out of portals at diffferent angles so this may prove useful too others.


Infinite Health

18-10-2007, 07:08
It's very simple to reach the upper levels, when you know how to do it.
I was also stuck in this level at this position.

Then i found a youtube-video for this level: http://www.******************?v=0G7hjTfWiho
The player in the video plays the levels as fast as you can. So you have to always press the pause-button, to see the solutions.
When you know where you have to drop the portals, then it's very simple.

18-10-2007, 07:42
Holy crap! ..now that's amazing. Even with the lev cheat, I wouldn't be able to pass the level half as fast as that dude.