View Full Version : Trainer request: YS Oath of Felghana and YS Ark of Napishtin

Black Materia
01-07-2007, 10:59
I tried many sites, but didnt find any trainer,if you have these trainers, would be cool if you can post em here.

Thank you so much.

08-05-2010, 07:56
I found this trainer on eMule, but it gave me an error message when I started the game. Try your luck, I hope it works with you


08-05-2010, 12:33
http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/4f20559d4018053a37d331198515fb3bf8b51616bfcc8ea458 12f24f48ec82cf-1205936264

virus total report of that trainer, dna scan is a piece of crap but the others imply its packed with something...

delayed imports seem bad too.. and modified upx.. which won't unpack with upx -d