View Full Version : New Addresses For C&C3 1.05 Patch WOOT!

10-06-2007, 21:32
Hi the new addresses are

Energie Consumption

Oh yeah i forgot as for other addresses still finding wil report as soon as possible XD!

10-06-2007, 21:34
Credits To Myself and Cheat Engine?

11-06-2007, 01:22
hehe why did u put a "?" question mark after your statement.. are u not sure that you actually did the work? :)

11-06-2007, 01:33
its working 100% only thing is the other adresses i found (not inculding these) are not working and will crash the game lol

11-06-2007, 03:09
keep working at it my friend.. good work so far man.. hope to see more from you.

11-06-2007, 16:51
i dunno how find health lol

and for instant build how to search value arghhh!

darn dunno wad to search for build!

12-06-2007, 22:29
almost found..

13-06-2007, 01:04
Those addies are far too high for simple stuff.

I havent tried to train C&C3 at all, so not sure if it uses code shifting or not. But I think you may be looking at that possibly.

13-06-2007, 03:35
tried other types... not working...

i use packet editing more ....

13-06-2007, 15:14
Packet editing is more for MP hacking, which we not like.

13-06-2007, 20:06
wads MP

13-06-2007, 21:58

17-06-2007, 14:00
Heu... I might be wrong but thoses adresses wont probally be the same every launch.

If you want to give usefull information , find the adress of opcodes instead of the value itself.

a - find an adress then put it the list.
b - on the value, right click and "find what write".
c - modify the value again.
d - you should have (in a small windows) the adress and the opcode.

That adress (of the opcode) is more usefull.

Still. Thanx for the help you want to provide.

By the way, mp cheating is gay and kill the fun. (remember diablo 1 on battlenet?)

17-06-2007, 22:57
i use pointerz.....

20-06-2007, 18:02
Still, you can bet you life that adress of code segment (opcode) are not likely to change at all.

20-06-2007, 19:25
oh come on, in a new patch the address of the opcode changes...
all it takes is for any proc above it to be altered...i would be very very surprised if the va of the opcode you're talking about is consistant from v1 -> 1.05 (or even higher)

21-06-2007, 03:58
well, of course. I was talking about unaltered exe file. But i was wondering if some game programmer leave on purpose codes caves and altered they own opcodes or scaning some strategic part of they own code for alterations to make cheating harder? I saw something like that in monster garage (the kind of game that i paid 10$ at the pharmacy). It is like the game is detecting any change in is opcode within 2 sec and quit to windows. Frustrating i say.

21-06-2007, 07:10
probably just a crc check, its relatively hard in a high level language to force code cave generation in the code (especially if you have the compiler optimisation flags) so i'd say its pretty rare

unaltered exe file? well how would it be a patch/upgrade?

change in opcode can be one of 2 possibilities

1. crc used
2. actual opcodes are used as a crypt/decrypt key

you just need to investigate it further, remember that its very rare for this sort of stuff to be put in at compile time, rather its done after compile, via binary patching / external tools and so on, so at one point in time the code was 'clean', thus, if the stuff is removed properly, the code should run fine.

21-06-2007, 09:55
unaltered exe file? well how would it be a patch/upgrade?

Hey, you know what i was talking about... you pulling my leg here u naughty boy.:p Making fun of a poor french guys how have a hard time to make himself clear sometime.

Of course if change the excecutable, big chance are that the opcode wont be the same.

sometime my bigest difficulty sometime making trainers is to find some value actually (mostly lifebar). so if someone are better than me to do that and could give the opcode who write's in it, that cool with me.

21-06-2007, 10:42

well if you've found the value and the location then you simply kick in a debugger and bpm the area, and find the code that does the alteration,
could be an add dword ptr [blah] or an mov dword ptr [blah], some register
etc, bpming is the next step.. so you're 1/2 way there already

21-06-2007, 13:57
Going through the code and all is easier now for me once i have the value. When the need will be there, then i will move to more advanced stuff. The asm tuts here a good though. I printed it and put it beside my toilet seat and my bed so i read bits here and there.

Finding the value still the harder think to do like lifebar mostly (not the ghost value one's). Bah. I just need to find some advanced tuts about hard to find values and advance methodes :) . I learn more when i learn by myself.

Sometime i found that tsearch for example can find some value that other can't and but the oposite is true so i have a couple of search engine just in case and then i use cheat engine mostly to do the debuging stuff.

21-06-2007, 14:57
The ASM tuts are only the basic opcodes, you have more sophisticated ones and harder to learn. But usually when training games you will hardly have the need to use them, BUT, they do make guest appearances.

So perhaps learn up on REP ops, like REPE (repeat if equal), REPZ (repeat if zero) and so on.


21-06-2007, 17:19
and floating point x87 too basically any opcode that adjusts a register and / or a memory address you need to learn and understand totally

21-06-2007, 20:31
i degraded my CNC3 to 1.04 for the trainers lol

22-06-2007, 09:58
i degraded my CNC3 to 1.04 for the trainers lol

How do you do that then? :eek:

22-06-2007, 10:06
Reinstalled no doubt.

And ORLY? isnt really funny anymore just to let you know :P

22-06-2007, 10:23
dunno about that. Still stads up compared to some of the shit people get away with. ;)

22-06-2007, 11:17
Then maybe i should start writing some small stuff in asm. any idea of a free good asm compiler that support 32 and 16 bits reg? That way, someone can get use with asm stuff.

i used to write some routine (mainly for ems, mouse and grfx) within my C programs. Nothing big.

22-06-2007, 11:45


And a very nice IDE for MASM:

If I'm not mistaken an ASM compiler is called an assembler, just to let you know ;)

22-06-2007, 16:15
thanx. i had an old masm and tasm myself but i does only 16 regs.

26-06-2007, 11:00
AeroZora: Can you tell me what was the type and the range of the hp in that game? i might be able to update my trainer then.

thanx in advance.