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05-06-2007, 02:17
Anyone know of a trainer for this game ,or if someone is making one would really appreciate it ???

I know it's not everone's choice of game,there is a hack for it but too complex for me

05-06-2007, 06:57
Nope I dont think there is.

But I think many have avoided this game, it is annoyingly crap, it steals a brand name and game concept.

Expect this developer to be taken to court over rights by ubisoft :P

06-06-2007, 15:44
Thanks DABhand worth a try,like i said not everybody's type of game, but one of those that you keep going back to saying i'm going to get through this bloody level, and you keep getting croaked (well i do )

07-06-2007, 00:36
I love the X-com-esque games, yes it all started with X-com THE original alien strategy game.

And UFO series was good, but this developer/publisher duo blatantly stole the name and game idea/mechanics. In broad daylight.

Skillful thieves? or Idiots?

You decide! :P

01-07-2007, 17:50
If you want to play cheating, then i suggest:


It's like Action Replay, but totally free.
The AP, HP and XP are of float-Type(standard, when you selected it in the CE)
The Ammo(currently loaded into the Weapon, or Medpack{wee, medpack}) is a simple 2-Byte.

I can't research the Plasma-weapons, is there a way, to get these Researched?(using a NoDVD to save the disc from scratches)

01-07-2007, 18:14
No doubt its based on an event happening, and being lucky to pick it up on a mission.

05-07-2007, 06:54
I have cheat engine,can use it for money and works fine but never tried anything else

The biggest prob with the game is aliens are always better equipped

Need something for health and strength as you can end up with 6 in hospital for up to 28 days and it takes a long time to actually get the soldiers stats up

You then are back to square 1 as you have to send rookies out in the next mission with very low stats a real pain in the ass