View Full Version : Resident Evil 4 v1.1.0 Trainer...

Caboose O'Malley
21-04-2007, 08:22
... Is a bit confusing, but it's got a hell-of-a-lot of options, just one missing...
Making those Cut-scene fights/evades automatic (meaning that you wouldn't have to press all those 3/1 or 5+6 or tap 1 or 3 etc...)
Lol but it's still a great trainer, and it has a lot of options that I didn't even know would be possible.

21-04-2007, 13:07
Perhaps you will want a trainer that will play the game for you too :P

Caboose O'Malley
21-04-2007, 18:22
Heh, I'm lazy but not that lazy ;P

Caboose O'Malley
21-04-2007, 19:16
Not the ones where you're supposed to fight and/or evade stuff, like for instance the Krauser fight... Man that one was annoying... Those kinds of scenes would be nice to watch and get more info on the story than sit on the edge of your seat staring at the lower bottom of the screen waiting for the next button to bash...
Maybe if they'd change the button-bashing into something more like Fahrenheit then... That was a good game, and the arcade-style button-bashing was quite well implemented. And note, I've played it on the PC.

And I wouldn't be discussing this trainer if I hadn't gone through the game allready, see that's the beauty about PCs, it doesn't just end after you've played through the game, after that comes cheats and mods ;) Though with this Trainer you get options you'd only suspect mods to give... Like the "Extra Custom tune for Leon" - option, man, I enabled it, got a handcannon, upgraded it, and now it shoots fast like a 9mm and the damage is even higher! And after upgrading the TMP, it's now as deadly as the Chicago Typewriter...