View Full Version : Playstation 3 ‘Working’ Region Free DVD Solution

01-04-2007, 17:07
I have an NTSC PS3 which is currently locked at Region 3 for DVDs and running the latest 1.60 firmware.

I inserted an original UK PAL Region 2 DVD - Alien staring Sigourney Weaver. My PS3 gives me the error messages “Incorrect Region…”

I downloaded an application called CloneDVD4 (http://www.clonedvd.net/) which not only makes a 1:1 copy but also removes any region coding automatically. Handy!

I then burned the film to a standard DVD-R and it works perfectly on my PS3 :) I don’t know if this works the other way round (playing NTSC DVDs on PAL PS3s). Maybe someone can try this?

For NTSC PS3 owners it’s good news, as it means the console is locked by firmware and that there isn’t a hardware limitation. It also means PS3 has no problems reading legal copies of DVD films (and more than likely Blu-ray films).

26-08-2007, 07:37

Can Confirm NTSC Movies On PAL, PS3 Fully Working..