View Full Version : Zen Touch 40 gig headjack connectivity

18-02-2007, 12:18
Hello all, I was wondering if any of you can help me.
I have a Zen Touch, after about a yr I started experiencing problems with my earbud channels fading in and out. At first I thought it was the earbuds, V-Modas, but after going to the Creative site, and reading their forums I know now it is the Zen. I read a couple of fixes, but I'm not comfortable with taking it apart and sodering it myself. Also, the fix was for Zen Micro, so I do not know how it would apply to my player. My first instint is to take it a national electronics store, however I'm not sure how to explain it to them other then telling them about the Zen Micro fix which may not be applicable.
Anyone have any ideas?


Joe Forster/STA
18-02-2007, 14:26
Stupid question: Isn't a contact problem? If so, give it some contact spray...

18-02-2007, 22:02
firstly i would try what Joe suggested and spray it with the contact spray, if that doesnt work then take it to the repairer, if the repairer knows the work then they will be aware off the problems these units have.
There shouldnt be to much to explain to the repairer, just tell him exactly the problem you are experiencing. ;)

19-02-2007, 10:36