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31-12-2006, 08:37
Well some of you might know that I won a ps3 in a contest.. anyway it died after about 3 hours of non continuous play total.. Uh i'm thinking it was a heating issue.. I was curious to know (for those of you that have one) when you fire it on can you hear the fans blowing? are they loud enough to be noticeably audible?.. With mine it was almost silent.. Everytime I turn it on I can hear them pretty easily but after about eh.. a second or so they slowed down.. not sure if it's because of a temperature sensor telling them to ease up of a malfunction.. anyway i'll send it back next week.. sony already sent me the pre-paid shipping stuff and instructions.. just curious.

by the way it will freeze up at the start menu.. and sometimes not fire up at all if it's not a completely cold start.

31-12-2006, 11:41
From my computer experience, This sounds like it definitely was heat related. My laptop acted very simular to what you are describing. Cold boots would last about 3 minutes and not so cold boots would just freeze mid-stream.

In the case of the laptop, it turned out to be the voltage regulator card(power card). $15 later from ebay and my own labor, my problem was solved. A heat surge due to dust build up was the root cause in my case.

Curious! What might have caused your problem with it being brand new. Oviously it was a defect. This would indicate a potential recall if it is more wide spread. I am glad you are able to get it replaced. :cool:

I know how HR can be at times. It's like pulling teeth to get anything accomplished in a timely manner. :eek: :D

01-01-2007, 02:00
thanks cgl.. yea.. according to another buddy his ps3 doesn't make and audible fan noise either.. so i'm a little curious now.. and HR is hell.. I'm just glad there aren't too many good games out for the console now.. otherwise i'd be upset about it taking so long..

I guess i can be a reference example for sony's turn around time with returned consoles.

01-01-2007, 07:50
I did run back through the pics link Hull Chipper posted for us. I did not see anything in those pics that stood out as the voltage regulator but I know it does either have one or something simular somewhere. Those pics are informatived but :eek: not detailed enough to identify what might have caused your problem. Sony could have built it into the power supply for all we know at this point. I'm sure once members gradually start getting theirs here, we will start learning alot more. Hehehehe :D This might just be our first mod to be performed. ;)

01-01-2007, 08:53
My console fan is silent as well. It does seem to get pretty hot but it has yet to freeze or crash. I've played 3 to 4 hrs straight before, so far no problems.

01-01-2007, 09:26
My console fan is silent as well. It does seem to get pretty hot but it has yet to freeze or crash. I've played 3 to 4 hrs straight before, so far no problems.

Yikes! Quick Warlock, Knock on Wood!!!:p

Seriously, you may want to monitor the heat close until you feel comfortable with it maintaining stabilty. That would suk if it turns into another heat victim. :( (We dont wish that on anyone.) Just might be one of the first mods required. I dont like it when things get TOO hot.:) :cool: Cool is good!
Electronically speaking ofcourse. :p

The $$$ of those things :eek: are outrageous right now. I am putting off getting one til some more good game titles come out. By then. maybe the system price will drop a bit. ;) Hopefully...

02-01-2007, 09:38
Haha yes knock on wood.. Maybe by tomorrow i'll have a photocopy of the receipt.. I had just changed the resolution in the settings menu to hi-def.. i think 1080i.. and it looked like it worked fine it was beautiful.. the game though RFOM didn't support it so it reverted back to 720.. and it was shortly after that ingame that I received a little debug window with a bunch of hex values.. and then after that I couldn't get the thing started.. anyway a little more info..

05-01-2007, 09:17
Update guys... Sony amazed me this morning.. I managed to get the receipt and send out the console on Wednesday.. and today 10am a new one arrived.. That is service. The customer service lady said it'd take at least 2 weeks.. I guess they must be working overtime.. I'll hook it up tonight and see if hangs on.

05-01-2007, 13:55
Man, That is fast :) Hope it works correctly this time :)

06-01-2007, 12:47
Typical $ony machine..Quality Games but bad in Quantity as in Bad consoles..After reading this I'll be waiting at least 3-4 Versions down before buying one..PS1 had overheating problems which only way to resolve it was to flip it upside down and but became stable after 3 versions later..PS2 had Laser problems mainly nothing else but was ok after Ver.4 and up..Overall Ver.7 and up was optimum..As for PS3 I guess it remains to be seen..Hm..I'm glad I sold the PS3s I had thru Ebay..

06-01-2007, 15:12
Haha and I'm glad I won my in a contest.. I mean it's great having a ps3.. but if I had shelled out 650 bucks of hard earned dough on it to have it crap out in 3 hours.. I would have been a little bummed out.. But since I won it (and I knew my luck wasn't that good) I kinda expected some ironic twist.. so I just smiled and laughed.

So far this one's held up ok.. I only have about 30 mins on it though haha.. been playing my 360 far too much.. XBL baby. Have more games on the way for it .. Gears of war.. Rainbow Six Vegas and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Good times.

12-02-2007, 03:51
Rainbow 6 Vegas looks awesome. I wonder if there's any difference in the graphics between the XBOX and PS3 with that game...

02-08-2007, 15:47
Rainbow 6 Vegas looks awesome. I wonder if there's any difference in the graphics between the XBOX and PS3 with that game...

Really there is difference.