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08-12-2006, 17:44
Not sure if it's just me, but I can't use the Quick Reply option. Everytime I click 'Quick Reply to this message' I get a new reply page with text quoted from the message where I clicked the 'Quick Reply to this message' button?


Joe Forster/STA
09-12-2006, 06:17
It's because you didn't wait to get the page fully loaded. (It might be because of some ad site, too, that behaves in a weird way or simply times out.) Reload the page and you'll see it works then.

09-12-2006, 15:29
It was working a few days ago so why suddenly it doesn't?

I've refreshed the page (CTRL + F5), looked at the status bar and it says done! Nada!

Must be some stupid ad causing the problem, I'll see if I can nail it!

Joe Forster/STA
09-12-2006, 18:37
I'm still using the Quick reply icon fine - in this thread and all the others, too!

09-12-2006, 19:04
Yep still works fine for me as well.

10-12-2006, 04:31
Still doesn't work?

Disabled my pop up blocker and no change, the box activates so you can type text into it, but only for a few seconds as it's acting as though the 'Go Advanced' button has been clicked immediately after.


10-12-2006, 10:45
Maybe your firewall/privacy blocker?

I am running ZoneAlarm and had similar probs where javascript was being blocked

Joe Forster/STA
10-12-2006, 11:17
Confirmed; none of the thread icons or the items in the upper menu ("Quick Links" etc.) work as usual when Javascript is disabled in ZoneAlarm (Pro)...

12-12-2006, 13:30
I disabled ZA Firewall , Norton Anti Virus and Ad Subtract Popup Blocker and still couldn't use Quick Reply without it opening up a new browser window.

I deleted all temp internet files and cookies jut to be sure, but still the same!

Doom9 Forum runs same VB, 3.6.4 but its Quick Reply option is enabled by default, I don't have to click the Quick Reply button, can this be done for fileforums?

12-12-2006, 17:14
@ BarryB: Enabled

13-12-2006, 05:57
EMPiRE I could kiss you :)

Thank you so much friend!