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17-11-2006, 09:24
OK, Who Got a PS3 today at launch?? What game/s did you get and what is your first "Hands on" impression so far??

18-11-2006, 05:11
And how easy is to to take apart ;)

18-11-2006, 17:48
Jeez :rolleyes: Nobody got a PS3 at launch??

Joe Forster/STA
18-11-2006, 19:23
Or they are playing night and day, with no time to even read the forum, let alone answer your question...?

19-11-2006, 05:00
I'd love one...
But at the prices they're wanting (425!!!) they can forget my custom :(

Give it 12 months, I think they'll realise that a lot of people will feel like me, and won't have much of an option but to drop the price a little.

At 300 - i'd definately have one - but at 425 no way :o

19-11-2006, 17:43
This time next year they'll be another price war between Sony & M$

19-11-2006, 23:38
i went to lewisburg, pa to get it
my brother said like noone lives there and he was right
but cuz of the raini and all.. i couldnt get there till 6pm
there were 5 highischoolers there
f*ckin highschoolers...
and they only had 6
we were gonna wait
but then they called more of em
so we just left it

i heard next batch is in march
stupid sony for tryin to tease us and make us want it more

01-12-2006, 16:19
Ok, I got one today :rolleyes:. I swore i wasnt going to get one until after Christmas ;) . Damn that guy at EB games for having them in stock :p.
Anyway, its the 20gb model, I got it and Ridge Racer 7. So far its all that i expected, RR 7 has fast super smooth graphics and gameplay.
So far this is the only PS3 title that i have tried, all of my PS2 and PSX seem to work and look great easing any compatability worries I had. I have also had no problems with freezing or crashing. So far i would say the future looks great.
I will post more as i go futher :).

02-12-2006, 02:14
Stop it!

You're making me want one, lol ;)

Sounds great anyway, and at the minute, a whole lot more reliable than my 360... and I thought PS2s were made on the cheap :)

02-12-2006, 03:09
How does the gameplay compare with the 360 Warlock?

02-12-2006, 05:00
So far its hard to say as i havent played a game they have in common. In my first impression the PS3 is smoother and faster than the 360 but not by much.

02-12-2006, 16:22
I just played this shooter guys and it is Awsome! I am not ready to say it beats "Gears of War" but its right there with it. Incredible graphics and alot of fun to play. So far the best PS3 launch title i have played :).

I really hate they pushed back the European launch. I wish you guys could be enjoying this as well the rest of us. Maybe by then Sony will have worked out any bugs the console MAY have as well as production issues so you have a better launch than we did. All i can say for sure is it will be worth the wait :).

02-12-2006, 17:58
Sounds good Warlock mate, Have fun :)

I'm definately gonna get one, it's just a case of when I can afford, lol ;)

29-04-2010, 03:46
I have PS3 consoled. Right now I am playing so many games like,
1) Stellar Attack
2) Calamity Trigger
3) Greed Corp
4) The Terminator