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19-12-2005, 14:19
this thread gives step by step instructions on how to use the BlindWrite.

get it from here (TRIAL - MULTILANGUAGE): BlindWrite (http://filetarget.com/@_vso.php?pd=bw)

1. Install (it's important to reboot after install)

2. start blindwrite and u'll see 3 options (Copy, Read, Write)

3. select "read" and choose ur dvd/cd burner/drive from the drop down list

4. choose a destination path and a image name

5. select among "settings" automatic for STARFORCE, SECUROM and TAGES
protected games - for SAFEDISC protection choose "Bad Sectors"

6. now blindwrite read your disc. it can takes a few minutes to read an
unprotected disc. but when reading a copyprotected disc it can take up to
several hours depending of ur dvd/cd drive and the type of copyprotection

7. after the process is finished view the protocol - if some message appears
about "topology reading error" or "topology cannot read" error abort and
delete the image and forget the backup

8. at ideal case ur protocol looks like this one (SCCT backup)


9. now test ur image with DT 4.0 (good for STARFORCE protected games up
to SF driver version
for me all my TESTED SF game backups working with DT 4.0 (excluding Pop:
T2T - working only with win x64 - with win x86 my pc will crash - i don't
know why - seems to be depending by chipset and/or ide controllers)

10. perhaps ur image will not work with dt 4.0 but u can try to burn it normally
with blindwrite - very importat is u've a good topology info.

11. when u burn ur image with bw then select ALWAYS "automatic" profile
for each game.

thats all ;)

Joe Forster/STA
20-12-2005, 08:29
Great stuff, it will be included in the FAQ soon. Thanks!

06-01-2006, 04:46
I doubt this works for most (any?) SF titles (at least it shouldn't be caused by Autoplay but by accident); topology in b5T is much too short to authenticate SF key; could you please upload the b5T-files of your SF titles.
11. when u burn ur image with bw then select ALWAYS "automatic" profile for each game. When burning a SF image with Blindwrite 5 the topology will be ignored and not embedded in Autoplay (watch your Log)