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Joe Forster/STA
29-11-2005, 09:54
Ladies and gentlemen,

If you have any useful information to add to the FAQ, please, describe it properly in this subforum, by opening a new thread or, preferably, replying to an already existing thread that discusses the same topic. Subforum rules, besides the main forum rules (http://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=54193):

No questions! This subforum is NOT for asking questions, either about the FAQ or about games/cracks in general! To reduce the amount of garbage in this subforum, questions will be deleted without notice!
Describe the problem and the solution properly. Provide as much information as the already existing FAQ entries do. For software closely related to backing up games and making the backups work (CD/DVD imager/burner/emulator, emulator hider), people will probably have to read the documentation anyway but, for other software (operating system, file managers, file viewers/editors, multi-purpose utilities), a step-by-step guide would be appreciated.
All quoted texts must be the original English. In accordance with the forum rules, all references to textual components in any software (error messages, menu items, button names etc.) should be in English. If your software is not English, please, don't translate the texts yourself as that may be confusing for people who do have the English version; instead, install the English version or get the texts from another PC where the English version is installed.
This doesn't apply if the software is not available in English language at all; in this case, quote the original text and supply your own English translation, as well.
Have your problem and solution confirmed by other forum members. We don't have much time to check whether the recommended changes are correct, useful or necessary at all; you must check these yourself, before reporting your suggestions. To further reduce the amount of potential misinformation, unconfirmed information will be added to the FAQ with a "some say, [...]" or similar warning.

The subforum rules are subject to change, with some kind of notice.

Thank you for your help in advance!