View Full Version : What is Blindread? And how to obtain it?

10-02-2001, 18:37
Hi, i have copied my original Starcraft Broodwar CD, and the setup and installation on the copy work, but I can't play the game from the copy CD. I hear that Blindread, somehow enables, or does something to allow me to play the copied CD. Will someone please tell me what Blindread is, by respnding here, my email address is not working.
Thank You

do one
12-02-2001, 14:48
get this http://www.blindwrite.com/BWFULL.EXE
it is blindread so you can make an image+blindwrite so you can write it as well.
also try clone cd which i believe is even better
get it at http://home.onet.co.uk/~cloneclinic/files.htm
but beware,you do need compatible hardware if you want to copy a disk with a subchannel protection