View Full Version : PSXCOPY 6.2 exe error & EasyCD Creator w/ PSX

30-01-2001, 18:51
I can not get PSXCOPY 6.2 to run, I get this message.

Psxcopy has caused an error in PSXCOPY.EXE and will now close.

My burner is drive G: and is an HP IDE 4x4x24 and I'm running Win Me.

EasyCD Creator 4.02 works good for me for making computer CD's but not PSX cd's (it won't even make image files of them). If I can't get PSXCOPY to work how do I get EasyCD Creator to make PSX backups?

31-01-2001, 00:07
PSXCopy is crap!
Use CDRWin, that is the program actually designed for copying PSX games.