View Full Version : Used the force and copied RA2

28-01-2001, 05:28
When C&C RA2 was released I tried to copy it on my Mitsumi 4802 and Blindwrite, which until then only produced perfect copies!
But nothing but fillings for my garbage can came out of that and I stoped trying to copy stuff labeled SD2!

About a week ago I bought a Philips 800 Series burner at a local LIDL and tried it on Alice wich produced a perfect copy with CloneCD! Rising to the challenge I copied NOLF, Project IGI, Gunman, Hitman and C&C RA2 next. Knowing that my previous RA2 copy didn't boot in my DVD drive I was anxious to see if this copy would fare better than my last! And what do you know it didn't hang itself and I was able to install and later play it! I installed it on my brothers computer which uses an LG 52X IDE CD-Rom and he is currently playing it as I type these words!

SO I would say that you can successfully copy SD2 games!


I used the newest CloneCD with all default settings! Read it at 32X speed and wrote it at 8X! All of the mentioned games are german releases!

Anybody know why the Gunman copy says my HD's full while installing?

Excuse my "school english"!