View Full Version : Help using CloneCD anyone?

20-01-2001, 23:10
OK i am currently making backups of some of my game CD's using cloneCD v2.8.4.2 and would like to know some things in the settings so if anyone could help plz post replies. Thanks.

READ setting.
first 2 i have checked
Fast error Skip is also checked BUT in the extra options should i keep these settings?
read retries 0 (default)
Error Correction HARDWARE (default) or should i change this to NONE or SOFTWARE?

Don't Report Read Errors - Unchecked (should i check this)?

Intellegent Bad Sector Scanner - Unchecked (should i check this)?

WRITE settings.

Simulate Writing (i know what this is) but the 2 either side of this are not available to me.

Perform Laser Power Calibrations - unchecked (should i check this)?

Wait untill buffers are full - unchecked (should i check this)?

GLOBAL settings.

File Buffer Setting 2.39MByte (default setting) what i would like to know is can i hire this and what does it do?

All the ones with a ? at the end i would also like information as to what it does plz. If anyone can let me know i would be gratefull. Thanks for any help given.

The settings i have work fine for most backups but some i have a problem with the game jerking or the sound being crap (like its underwater) and patchy which is why i am asking about these settings.

22-01-2001, 09:47
Read subchannel data only for securom and libcrypt psx.
Read data from audio; libcrypt doesn't need this.
Fast error skip; some Toshiba drives require hardware checked. I never use it, just leave it on default.
Don't report read errors; allows a few seconds more read speed.
Bad sector scan; may cause some copies to malfunction, i never use it.

Write tab;
always use Raw Dao if your drive supports it, never sao or tao, they have too many limitations.
Repair subchannel; ONLY for LibCrypt (Playstation)
BurnProof; to guarantee prevention of buffer under run. most drives don't need this. I never use it.
Laser Calibration; most drives automatically take care of this.
Wait till buffers are full; the buffers are already full as the lead-in is written.
Always close last session; always; but never for multi-session Console CD's.