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17-01-2001, 08:52
I have 3 .DAO files that were sent to me. (they are supposed to be ISOS of LS2K1)
Question is...HOW do i burn them? Do i need a .toc file or a .cue file with them?

This is driving me nuts! Please help.

fyi, I have a Yamaha 4416S

17-01-2001, 09:51
I suggest you ask whoever it was that sent them to you.
That particular file type is unknown to any burning software.

17-01-2001, 13:29
Well, I just have shitty luck.
Apparantly, these DAO files were used with a program called Duplicator. (www.ping.be/kris-schoofs). Unfortunatley, duplicator does not support SCSI drives........so....onto CloneCD..........
no suport for 'real' Yamaha drives......
what are the chances of that? jeez..
Any other suggestions (other than getting another cdr) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.