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14-01-2001, 14:03
Can anyone help me i can only create a image of a cd with clone cd, but can't burn it onto a cd for some reason, i always get a message saying illegal request, can anyone help, and if you can could you post the settings that i should use to make backups of psx cds.

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14-01-2001, 19:54
Not enough information. What game did you try to copy and what settings did you use? Do you know what copy protection was involved? What reader/writer are you using?

16-01-2001, 06:55
Firstly, failure to burn an image has nothing to do with the protection the game has, or what game it is.
Can you post what error - EXACTLY- cloneCD throws up, and what burner you're using
Could be that you need to update your aspi layer/drivers.

31-01-2001, 13:30
hi as reguards settings down load clone cd setting dateabase off this site ####://www.mod.myokay.net/english/StarGate.html it's updated often tells you most game settings
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02-02-2001, 01:43
You sound you no what you are talking about!!

I'll tell you my problem!!

Please can you tell me what to do if I receive a Medium Error - Loss of streaming data?
I have Clone Cd version and a Hp 8200 series writer.
This error comes every time lately while I have been trying to burn a cd, it worked fine before! If you could help reply please thanx!

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02-02-2001, 04:07
Sounds like a buffer underrun. (i think...never seen that error before, though). What's your write speed and what CDRs are you using (same as before or new ones).
Don't run anything else, drop your write speed and use good quality CDRs. If that don't work, it could be that your burner is on it's last legs.