View Full Version : Need Help making 1:1 copy

01-01-2001, 20:12
I followed the directions for SafeDisc 1:1 Copy Instruction NERO BURNING ROM from this site I followed all the directions but on the Burn tab it tells you to put the speed of Ignore read errors to 1x(150 KB/s) I do not see that option I only see an option for write speed and the lowest it goes is 2x.

02-01-2001, 16:24
Hi there mate.
Although I don't use NERO (CDRWin is better for PSX as the files it creates on your HD are those used when patching games, and use CloneCD for PC if your burner is supported) I'm pretty sure that you're getting confused.
"Ignore errors" is not a speed issue. It should be set to ON or OFF. This is because the Safedisk protection (version 1) uses unreadable areas as it's protection mechanism because a lot of burners will automatically correct them thus leaving you with an imperfect copy.
So, set your write speed to a healthy 2x, set "ignore errors" to ON in the read section, and try that.
Any further probs, post again giving your burner model and we'll have another go for yer!!

GOOD LUCK.................