View Full Version : Help with Daemon Tools and Safedisc

20-12-2000, 02:22
Everytime I make a backup image of my NFS5 (CDRWin), I can install the game, but it is not possible to play it bcause it requests the correct CD, why? I have all options on in Daemon Tools and it is supposed to emulate safedisc...

21-12-2000, 07:42
Obviously your backup is not a 1:1 copy. Deamon-Tools needs a 1:1 copy, otherwise it won't work !! Which reader have you used??? Can it read in RAW mode ??? If the answer is no, bad luck. Instead of using CDRWin try CloneCD, maybe that will help, but I don't know if your reader is supported. Just try :-)

22-12-2000, 05:21
Not exactly true, mate.
You don't need to have a RAW writer for Daemon tools to work. As long as you have a copy with ALL files on it (including hidden files) then daemon's safedisc emulation will work. If you had a copy done with clonecd on a RAW DAO burner, then you wouldn't need Daemon tools.
Firstly, mate, download a copy protection detector then just check if this game is safedisc. If it is then check the cd you've burned will work in any of your drives. Some games only check the lowest drive letter.
If this doesn't help then post some more details e.g. aspi layers installed, other burning progs installed, burner etc