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14-12-2000, 13:46
I have some problems with burning Safedisc V2. Tried to backup Hitman and NOLF multilanguage CD. Reading out the Original CD is no problem, tried it with CloneCD and with CDRWin 3.8c. I tried the images with Daemon-Tools 4.21 and they both worked fine. So far so good. Then I burned the images to CD with CloneCD and once with CDRwin with many different settings. I could install the games without probs but when I started the game(s) the safedisc pic poped up and my cd-rom drive hanged up. After several retries I copied the backup with CloneCD. And here it comes. CloneCD couldn't read the sectors 119, 120 and so on and created dummyfiles. It also couldn't read the sectors from 810 to..... On the original CD CloneCD couldn't ONLY read the sectors 810 to 10000 something. Obviously my cdr-writer couldn't write the sectors 110 to 500... I tried the image of the bad CD with daemon-tools and the game hanged up as my cd-rom before. After that I used the sector viewer of CDRWin. I read out the sector 120 of the original and it was read and I could see data, on the backup CD the viewer couldn't access the sector 120 and so on.

Ok, long foreword and short question : does anybody have a clou why my cd-writers (CRX-140E and CDD 3600) can't write former correct and readable sectors in the image to the cd-r ???? How can this be ??? And what I can do to avoid this ???? If somebody have an aswer or a suggestion to this question, I would be thankfull.


18-12-2000, 01:57
The point of the unreadable errors is that they should be copied to the cd u are trying to burn too, it's those unreadable sectors that IS a part of the copyprotection! So you should try set clonecd to NOT correct unreadable sectors, and just ripp the cd, it might take some time cause unreadable sectors are afterall unreadable ;P, but when the image is burned back, it should work ok.
Good luck!

18-12-2000, 04:41
it is not possible to create perfect backups of safedisc 2 protected CDs at the moment - at least there's no general way. Some people claim to have done so, but those copies run only on the recorder they were created it in 99% of all cases.
The reason why SD 2 isn't copyable anymore is currently investigated. So you better not listen to the crap Chamson posted!

18-12-2000, 09:13
If u build it, he will come... I see you also on your web page tell ppl that read alert 2 with safedisc 2 is not possible to copy.
Guess if it did work nobody would need your toys rite?

18-12-2000, 13:43
First of all thanx Swenske and Chamson.
Chamson you din't quite understand my problem. My both writers copy the unreadable sectors. I can copy all copyprotections Safedisc, ProtectCD etc. My writers and readers are compatible with CloneCD. The problem is the image of a SafediscV2 protected game is 100%, otherwise it wouldn't work with daemon-tools. But the backup creates more unreadable sectors than there are on the original CD and in the image. This are the sectors 120-131 and so on. So starting the games lets my cdrom hangs up when reading this sectors. And that is the really new on safediscV2. Backuping makes your cd worthless. Leaving the subchannel data uncorrected brings nothing, because safedisc don't use subchannel data. I tried to read out the CD with Padus Discjuggler and it claims to find L/EC in the mentioned sectors on the original CD, where every other proggi finds no errors and reads this sectors without problems.
But why ????? SWenSKE your tool is great, by the way. I think when nothing else helps your tool is the rescue or the solution until a crack is out. SWenSke gives his tool away for nothing, so I can not see a reason what gain he could have in laying and force people to use his program !!!

Again thanx for your replies

19-12-2000, 02:39
Kewl ;)

19-12-2000, 14:04
Get a new burner.

Obviously there's some kind of weird data on SD2 discs that 99% of all burners cannot write correctly.
The fact that readable data is turned into junk by the burner, makes it extremely likely that this is a hardware problem. I doubt adding the correct switch / command to CloneCD (or any other CD-R software) will ever solve this problem.

Fortunately there are a few burners that *can* write this data correctly, and thus make 100% working copies that work in *all* CD-Rom players, not just the burner itself:

Plextor 8/20.
Iomega Zip 32 (i think that's the name, it's based on Phillips hardware so there should be a compatible Phillips model as well).
Phillips 4/4/24. This model has been available under a lot of different names. AFAIK this is the only 4/4/24 burner made by any company, so if you can find a burner with these specs it should work no matter what brand it is.

I suggest you get one of these while you can.

I have the Phillips 4/4/24 model myself, and I have no problem backing up Red Alert 2 100% (Yes the copy works in *all* CD-Rom drives, not just the burner).

A lot of people don't believe this to be true but it is.
Reminds me of way back when the very first SafeDisc protected CD's appeared. I could copy them 100% right away without any problems using CDRWin and the Teac 50S in combination with a Pioneer 32X reader. For months people on various messageboards refused to believe me, and called me a liar.

Oh well, it was their loss :)

19-12-2000, 14:50
Yeah, I have a plextor 820, no problem with safedisc of any kind yet.
And maybe I'll keep this while trying others, cause new one is soon required this is getting 2 years old now, u never know what they sell these days.. I hear plextor has added restrictions on the 12x burner, the newer once wont read subchannels form data tracks anymore.. that's sad..

20-12-2000, 12:47
Hi there,

sorry for bad english. I tried to copy SafeDisc2 protected CD's (Plextor 12/10/32A) and this Discs only play on the burner. But why is this so? I figuered out that the Sectors 118-130 f.e. have unreadable data if you try to read this disc in any other drive but the burner can read this sector. this has surely nothing to do with the capability of reading or writing subchannels, as safedisk(1+2) don't use subchannels. otherwise the iomega 8x4x32x can't copy this disc, cause this burner can't read subchannels full, but this burner make true 1:1 copys, working on every cd-rom. i think the protection has something to do with the errorcorrection or the mode, the sector was written with... it can SURELY be beaten by software, as i can't see why this can be a Hardware-issue. the plextor 121032A can write a disc that plays on the burner only, but i'm sure, this will change as soon as the mechanism of this protection is understand fully