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14-12-2000, 06:31
I have read in other forums that updating your firmware might stop you from copying certain CD protections this is because of some lawsuit. I updated my firmware to 1.0p for my Sony 140E last month and was wondering if any other Sony owners who have updated their firmware to this version have had trouble copy certain CD protections. Thank for any information you provide.

14-12-2000, 12:18
I updated the firmware for my Sony CDR. Noticed no difference to the previous firm version. Copies work fine except the new Safedisc V2, but that didn't worked with the old firm either. Some people say the have copied this protection without problems. But I doubt this statments.

21-12-2000, 10:28
Hello, I have a Sony crx140E, I got it as an OEM product.
I'm using 1.0n
How can I change it?
It didn't come with a disk. I had to buy a copy of Adaptec. To have software to run it with.

21-12-2000, 11:31
Hey, a friend of mine has that recorder, upgraded to the p version and didnt see any change. Also tested to burn safedisc 2 with it, delta 3 works phine. And that was a copy of a copy I made with my Plex. So I dont know why u have problems with it, might be a hardware revision difference like with the new plex or another kind of safedisc where u live..


21-12-2000, 21:02
You may have the holy grail for us Sony owners, what settings did you use in CloneCD to do Safedisk 2?

07-01-2001, 16:58
Hello, I have a Sony crx145E-RP (orig firm)
I have copied several protected (swe ver)games with clone cd and cdrwin
and have NEVER Failed

08-01-2001, 07:31
wow i posted this thread ages ago now i see it at the top agian. I know now that NO sony models copy Safedisk 2.

10-01-2001, 01:05
I have a Sony CD-RW 140EBP and it works fine together with CloneCD including SafeDisc2. Many people uses a CD-ROM and a burner. That's wrong!!! Use the burner as a reader also and make an image file, it's much saferŽand it will work!!!

10-01-2001, 04:26
[email protected] what game did you copy with your sony 140e.