View Full Version : How to copy CD Cops 1.80 Protected Game? PLEASE HELP!

12-12-2000, 11:27
I have just bought this Norwegian PC Game called "Flåklypa Grand Prix" by Ivo Caprino, And It has CD Cops 1.80 Protection. I have tried all CloneCD Settings with my Plextor 12X10X32 CD Recorder, Firmware 1.04 but to no help, I have also tried with CD Cops 32 Decrypter (All Versions) But The Program just performes an Illegal Operation at...... Everytime I run it.
Has anyone succesfully managed to burn a working copy with CD Cops 1.80 or is this protection so far Not possible to bypass?
Any help would be highly appreciated.
It perhaps sad that this game is a Norwegian one As someone never will care to crack it???
But I hoped CD Cops would be.

12-12-2000, 17:40
I have just the same problem! The small program which shall remove the protection crashes every time it is run! Anyway I have managed to copy the program using CloneCd, but the copied cd works only when used in new cd rom drives. I would be relly glad if someone could tell how to overcome the CdCops protection! By the way, are you from Norway?

12-12-2000, 18:29
There does seem to be apparent incompatibilty appearing between old and new cdrom drives, I hve had several backups not work in my CDROM but they are fine in my writer.
Maybe try updating the firmware on your cd or dvd rom, DO NOT update your writers firmware as manufacturers are introducung restrictions due to complaints from software companies. other than that, welcome to the ever-increasingly-difficult world of backups.
Its a game of cat and nouse, they beat us, we beat them.

13-12-2000, 05:51
I have now succesfylly managed to somehow make a working copy, I used Blinread/Write Suite and a Traxdata 74 Min Silver disc.
The CD Works 2 out of 4 times, And the strange thing is that I Burned the same Image onto an exact CD but that copy did NOT work, So this could be an Issue with what kind of media is beeing used.
I read at Clone Clinic that CD Cops would perhaps work better if burned onto Kodak GOLD Ultima 74 Discs, And That is what I will try as soon as I get hold on some of these brand.
And, YES, I Am From Norway:-)
If anyone have success in copying CD Cops 1.80 please let us know:-)

16-12-2000, 09:10
I made a copy of "Flåklypa Grand Prix" myself, but...
When I tried it, it didn't work....
Then a tried it again and it worked. Two days later I was going to try the copied CD on my secound computer, NOPE, did not work at all... Then I wanted to try it on the first computer, nope... :-)
But later the same day it suddenly worked again. Can someone tell me why? And any of you made to make a 100% working copy?

16-12-2000, 10:00
Hey dude.. we have tried more than 15 different brands of cd's now and there is one that IS working, 1 to 2 years old 74.15.00f TDK with Cyanine Due (type 0) serial on top is 9316B1-74, all cd's burned with this one is working on every cd rom and burner we tested it on. The new TDK dont work, they are 49 sec's longer(serial on top is 9802A1-74), but a cd with similar data would do..
If u dont want to many coasters you can use CDR Media Code Identifier v1.60.
Good luck.