View Full Version : I can't believe how good this program works!!!!!

01-12-2000, 05:12
Ever since i read the article on getting around safedisk, I've been using Blind read and Blind write to do my back-ups. I have a couple of questions though, and i think your the ppl to ask. Why don't more people use this software?...It really, really, really, REALLY, kicks ass...not only is it so easy to use a dead monkey could run it, it's also compatable with just about every writer out there... and secondly, Is there any thing it has a problem doing? (i.e. some protections it cant bust, or common error problems) and finally, Is it capable of getting around SD2?
Thank you 1000 times for introducing me to this wonderful software GCW...

01-12-2000, 14:09
What a load of crap!
It does not work with the majority of burners it claims to work with!
If it works for you you are one of the few lucky ones.

01-12-2000, 14:39
works for me to!
if your writer isnt supported cread a .cue file and burn with CDR-WIN

01-12-2000, 18:54
And that is crap too!
Subject was about more than just Blindread!