View Full Version : Is there a crack for SafeDisk v.2?

28-11-2000, 18:17
Is there a program to crack safedisk v.2. My son has a BBC game called "Tweenies" which is infuriatingly temperamental. It does not allow a full installation and it will not run from a CD emulator program such as Virtual CD.

The software vendors will have to realise that children wreck CDs and that their parents will not buy CDs with Safedisk on them.

06-12-2000, 04:30
yeah, get yourself venom386_generic_safedisc_52, works on the tweenies. doesnt work on bob the builder though, so my original of that will get trashed by the kid.

long live cd backups! keeping cd's away from grubby little hands :)

(http://www.cdmediaworld.com is a good place to start looking for venom386_generic_safedisc_52 )

07-12-2000, 18:03
Hey noddy christmas is comming where in the heck is that in reference to cdmediaworld. Ive looked everywhere my eyes are starting to burn :(

08-12-2000, 03:04

you aint sin me! right? :)