View Full Version : What is different about SafeDisc 2 that prevents Clone CD from creating a perfect, usable copy?

26-11-2000, 07:31
I just copied Hitman, which I think is protected with SafeDisc 2, using CloneCD and my Plextor burner. I worked flawlessly post-burn but when I went to run it on my other computer it froze.

According to the Daemon website, the backed up CD will only run in the burner it was made on. This would explain my situation.

I was wondering if anyone new why this happened, i.e. how is SafeDisc 2 different that the original SafeDisc (which CloneCD copies perfectly).


27-11-2000, 06:25
Safedisc originally used "unreadable sectors" to protect the cd. i.e. most cd burners would attempt to correct these "incorrect" sectors thus making the cd uncopyable. However, since the next generation of burners and RAW software, Safedisc has been superseded.
As far as new Safedisc 2 (SD2)goes, no-one is completely sure....YET.
Some Safedisc 2 games have been copied very successfully and have had no problems on any CDROM. C&C red alert 2 is the only one to have been the major problem, and there is talk of it being a hybrid SD2. (whatever a hybrid actually is)
One suggestion has been that SD2 uses the ATIP portion of a CD for its protection. This is an area of the disk only readable by CD burners, and it contains info about the CDR (dye type, factory of manufacture, etc). This is only a suggestion at the moment and hasn't been proven or disproven.
So in summary, the answer is that most of us mere mortals don't know asyet, a great deal about SD2, but we are learning. Don't forget that this new protection took 2.5 years to develop, so may take a little time to unravel.


28-11-2000, 18:04
Thanks for reply. Great insight!