View Full Version : c.d copy, clone c.d and "unknown"

07-11-2000, 01:31
when using cd copy to send parameters to clone cd, it tells me the protection on disc 2 is unknown(cfs2)and to use read subchannel data to read to image file,but my cdrw dosen't support it,but in the help section of clone it says sony cd roms do,so if i got a sony cd ron would i be able to use tha tto read the image to file,then burn with my cdrw? i don't wanna buy one if it wouldn't work.
i hope someone can clear this up for me,thanks in advance Brad

19-11-2000, 06:26
Get yourself a Plextor burner, the Rolls Royce of burners.just a few pounds more.Then no worries
about burner capabilities.Use Verbatim media if poss.99% of job done for you.